Fire HD 10 9th Gen, my Son can't login to YouTube & PlayStore with Google a\c.

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Jul 5, 2022

I have a Fire HD 10 9th gen using OS it was setup to use my Google account but I factory reset the device, and then setup a kids/restricted Google account for my 10 year old son do that I could limit YouTube (not YouTube for kids!) content and to apply various Parental Controls, the plan is to use Family Link also. Each time I try to login to PlayStore or YouTube with my Son's account I get a "Checking for updates" message which eventually changes into a "Something went wrong" message. If I then try to login to PlayStore with my own Google account there is no issue logging in, however then my Son can easily select my Google profile to access YouTube and PlayStore,. and when I try to login to Google apps with his account it says the device isn't ready for his login, and gives an option to delete existing accounts before his can be used I had subsequently reinstalled Google Services so that my Google profile would be removed, however the issue where my Son can't login to the Google apps persists i.e. "Checking for updates", advice welcome.

Thanks for reading