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Fire Toolbox V25 Problem after use

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New member
Dec 31, 2014
I installed this tool on my windows 10 computer and connected my Amazon Fire 10 tablet Generation 11 byby usb afer making myself a developer.I was able tp remove Amazon Bloat and Install Google play store etc.Everything appeared to be running ok,but I had a problem with the tablet and had to send it back to Amazon for refund.Before I could do this I had to reset it to manufactyrers default settings.I managed to do this succesfully, BUT i Could not get back into developer options again as the tablet would not respond to my tapping 7 times on the serial number to make myself developer again?is it likely that the Firetoolbox has caused this to happen?has anyone else had this issue??does the developer know about this?? Any help appreciated as its put me off buying another Amazon Fire Tablet! thanks Michael