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fire tv 2nd twrp blink

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New member
Jun 27, 2017


Hello guys!
I got serious problem on my Fire tv 2nd .
It always normally boot and has not any trouble.
But 3days before , It appear white amazon tv for a few seconds and next twrp logo and blink , blink
again and again . and device's led is also blinking.
so I tried to connect fire tv to computer by usb am am cable .
at first it beep connected sound and soon after disconnected sound.
So I couldn't type any adb command.
and I tried to adb by network. but It also so difficult .
because It amazon and twrp logo changed too fast to access.
I think blinking twrp logo block ( reset system ) to enter the network and recognizing device on pc.
some guides teach me to use remote controller back and right circle key
10~15seconds . but this way also couldn't work .
remote controller also didn't work by twrp blinking.

So I really wanna get solution from some genius!
Please somebody help me!!!!