Fire TV Side Loader APP [Android]-[Version 1.5.15][Now Supporting Marshmallow ]

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Feb 6, 2010
I'm using the ad supported version and it works fantastic. Very easy file transfers. Thanks!

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Jun 13, 2011
Southern California
I'm having a problem. I ordered a fire stick recently and was trying to load apks and all that jazz to it today. I've done 3 other amazon fire sticks but it's not working on this one.

my fire stick is showing up and bring selected but it just doesn't install the app on the stick. I'm using a nexus 6 6.0 so I'm not sure if that may be the problem?

any insight would be appreciated.

thank you.


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Oct 4, 2009
ok so ive been trying to push a zip for ipvtv stalker but i cant find it in the file manager in kodi when i click install zip file i looked in sdcard and storage in every folder cant seem to find where files get pushed
Make sure the file name does not have spaces. It should be in AGKFire folder.

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Sep 3, 2013
AGK Fire

I LOVE it so much that I got the paid version.
But I could really use some help. I uploaded the Ayopa M.U.S.E game from my phone to Fird Stick, but it's asking me to download game updates so that I can play, but when I press on the highlighted download option, nothing happens. Anyone have any ideas?


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Dec 27, 2015
I'm trying to install kodi on my fire stick but for some reason the green status bar get to the end like it's complete but it just starts back over. It have done that about 4 times now. Can someone please help?

lennie paz

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Sep 6, 2010
I walked my friend through pushing a zip file to the Fire TV, from his Android phone. It says the file was successfully pushed, but there's no folder called AGKFire with the file in it. When I checked my Fire TV, I do have a folder called AGKFire, and the file is in there. Why do I have that folder, and my friend doesn't?


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Oct 4, 2009
Thanks For the test. I need to do more testing.

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    The app should now work on most Marshmallow devices. Please report any issues with your device name and android version?

    New tab for browsing fire TV/ Stick SDcard to pull/delete files.

    Now you can play any http video on FireTV/Stick by selecting AGK fire as option..(Need MX Player installed on the Fire TV/Stick)

    Auto Find FireTV/Stick. You still can add custom IP address.
    Two new tabs. Has an Expert mode/Basic mode. Can be changed from settings.
    You can Lunch/Uninstall apps on FireTV/Stick in expert mode.
    I need to updated the help file. Please give me some time, I will update it.

    New version added with ability to push files/folders to FireTV/Stick. Let me know what works and what doesn't.

    Finally got it back on Google Play as paid version

    Added a new version. In this new version You can export apps for sharing.

    Now a Paid ad free version(if you want to support) @

    Just added an ads support version. No new features. Just still working on few issues. Don't download this, if you hate ads. If you want to support me, please download this. I will try to post new version with with multi IP support and Auto IP discovery soon.

    The App is now avilable on Amazon app store too.

    Anyone having issues on moto phones, Can you please, try the attached moto version.

    I have created this little android app for my own use. The main purpose of this app is to install any app that is on you android phone/tablet to FireTV/stick. All you need is the adb turned on your FireTV/Stick and Allow installing apps from unknown sources.

    Here are steps copied from Amazon
    Turn on ADB Debugging

    You must enable ADB on the Fire TV device before you can connect to the device.

    From the main (Launcher) screen, select Settings.
    Select System > Developer Options.
    Select ADB Debugging.
    Get the IP Address

    You need the IP address of your Fire TV device on your network to connect ADB to it.

    From the main (Launcher) screen, select Settings.
    Select System > About > Network. Make note of the IP address listed on this screen.

    Now Just open the AGK fire app attached below, enter you FireTV/Stick IP Address and select the app you want to install on your FireTV/Stick.

    Credits goes to alexjlockwood for "" which is the backbone for my app.
    Also Thanks to all the wonderful tutorials on android app development on the web.

    Any Suggestions are welcome. I will try to address as soon as I can.

    I don't know how many people tried this app and felt it to be useful, but I am posting a new Version of this app. One small request if you use the app, please post a comment , any comment greatly appreciated.

    Changes in version 1.1:
    Added new menu option when you can select an apk file to install to your firetv. (Thanks to jfmdev for
    Changes in version 1.2:
    Aimed at using the app on FireTV/Stick (Thanks to for valuable suggestions and promoting my app)
    Added an option to lunch apps or install when you select an app.
    Still troubleshooting the problems some users are reporting. Will fix them ASAP.
    Changes in version 1.3:
    Made changes to adb install as per suggestion.(Hoping it will fix all the problems that some users are having. Please let me know it is still not working).
    Changes in version 1.4:
    Ability to push files/folders to Fire TV/Stick
    Ability see all apk files
    Export/Share apks.

    Changes in version 1.5.11
    Auto Find FireTV/Stick. You still can add custom IP address.
    Two new tabs. Has a expert mode/basic mode. Can be selected from settings.
    You Can lunch/Uninstall apps on FireTV/Stick in expert mode.

    Changes in version 1.5.12
    New tab for browsing Fire TV/ Stick SDcard to pull/delete files.
    Now you can play any http video on FireTV/Stick by selecting AGK fire as option.(Need MX Player installed on the Fire TV/Stick)

    Changes in version 1.5.15
    The app should now work on Marshmallow devices
    The agk fire app or another one?
    Trying to figure out how'd you'd push xml with the agk app. I'm a noob with this fire TV. Got kodi llama and the shortcut to home screen but don't know anything about different settings. I've read in other threads but haven't seen a link. Only settings I know of are for buffering issues.

    Care to elaborate or provide a link?

    Thanks man

    If you are using agk fire app. Install ESexplorer on the fire tv. Then for agk fire menu options there is option for pushing files/folders. The files will be moved to SDCard\AGKFire folder. You can the move the files using ESExplorer to where ever you want.
    MotoX 2014 version, running android 5.0.2.

    Thanks I will look in to it. The Moto devices are having lot issues related to adb. I will let you know if I find anything.
    Added new Version in the OP.
    Now you can see Fire TV/Stick's SD card .
    Sends http videos to the FIre TV/Stick (Need MX Player free installed on the Fire TV/Stick).
    Tried to put together a help file. As always ,Suggestions are appreciated.
    I have a few suggestions:
    1. Go into your XDA settings and enable the donation button. You deserve compensation for your efforts. This is a great app.

    2. When the app executes any adb command, like "adb install ....", you should target the IP address specifically. Some Android devices, including the Fire TV, will already be connected to an emulated adb device if developer mode is turned on. So when the app connects to the Fire TV, your adb commands will fail because there are two connected devices. I think this is the source of many peoples issues. You can direct adb commands like this:
    adb -s <ipaddress:5555> ...
    Note that the port number is required for this to work.

    3. The app can be used on a Fire TV to install Fire TV only apps onto a Fire TV Stick. However, navigating with the remote is a bit broken. When the app list initially loads, make it so that the first item is selected/highlighted by default. This will allow the Fire TV remote to move the selection down the list. I found a workaround that allows this to work for now. If you press the menu button on the Fire TV remote and go to the apps settings, when you return to the app list, the selector will be present.