Fire TV Stick 2 Firmware and apps. Official Cloud Front direct links

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May 14, 2015
@rbox, @0815hoffi, @Sus_i, @Kramar111, @k4y0z, @Ighor, @Pretoriano80 and others,

Let's do a thread similar to 4k. Please contribute the cloudfront links you have for other versions. Sharing is caring!

Let me seed a few links, the 2 very early ones are extracted by me, some are from this thread ( ). Here is a rough guide for which is which for the early versions:

You ask why do it? Because we can!!!

Version (Build 555164620) - Not the factory image ( that would be Build 555164120), but the next closest thing!!! The very first minor update!!

Version (Build 573210520)

Version (Build 574263320)
A very good lightweight build, but I am too lazy to chase the link for it now

Version (Build 646581820)

Version (Build 648595320)

Version (Build 659654620)

Version (Build 662663920)


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Apr 9, 2013


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Oct 23, 2012
@rbox, @0815hoffi, @Sus_i, @Kramar111, @k4y0z, @Ighor, @Pretoriano80 and others,

Let's do a thread similar to 4k.
FYI here is a good link to 4k Mantis' builds

and the cloud link from there with amazon apps....

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