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Fire TV Stick 4K r3_4054 No efuse/Old UI/Accessibility/NO OTA/PRE-ROOTED ROM

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Mar 18, 2016
Amazon Fire TV
A black screen when playing iMDB content. The ad at the beginning still works. Any fix?
It depends, iMDB is connected with Amazon launcher, i don't know what TZ are your using right now.
It can also be caused by Older version of Amazon Launcher.
Does your stick hangs and reboot or its just a black screen.
If it freezes and restart than its the issue with TZ.
If not then you'll have to check the logcat if it just shows black screen or if the "APP" crashes.


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Dec 27, 2019
Moto G 5G
It depends, iMDB is connected with Amazon launcher, i don't know what TZ are your using right now.
It can also be caused by Older version of Amazon Launcher.
Does your stick hangs and reboot or its just a black screen.
If it freezes and restart than its the issue with TZ.
If not then you'll have to check the logcat if it just shows black screen or if the "APP" crashes.
It freezes and reboots. Is there any way to downgrade the tz?


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Mar 18, 2016
Amazon Fire TV
@SweenWolf so if I happen to update the manager in the app and reboot, would that prevent it from bricking once I install this?
Magisk Manager has a capability of updating system images, which can and in case of mantis will brick the device.

Magisk Manager can update itself (Magisk Manager) but as this is signed by me the app will not update (in case of unpatched system).

Magisk Manager can update the partitions, when you update Magisk itself from the system then your stick will again be bricked (use TWRP to update).

When you restore the images and do a complete uninstall then Magisk Manager again messes with the images.

So i removed these things so no brick can happen. Even I accidentally bricked my stick one time.

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    Here's the latest release of the pre-rooted rom I've combined into one patched ota removed zip which packs the downgraded older interface with accessibility settings working again. After flashing, clear data in settings/applications/Appstore to prevent issues with apps and reboot.

    There's no bugs in this rom that I know of.

    No efuse is present in this rom and is completely safe to flash. Remember to not flash stock images that are and higher. Only flash the pre-rooted roms from @rbox so that the efuse doesn't burn.

    Nothing is removed in this rom, only re-edited for system app downgrades that include the com.amazon.tv.launcher (KFTV launcher), com.amazon.tv.settings.v2 (Amazon Settings), and lastly, com.amazon.venezia (Appstore) with options to hide cloud apps, to adjust AV Sync Tuning, as well with the Wi-Fi icons when connecting wirelessly altogether with the older interface.

    Things that don't work

    Amazon FreeTime
    Some apps that recognize a bootloader is unlocked and forcibly closes i.e Peacock TV
    OTA updates?? Of course ota updates no longer work. This rom removes the fota and any type of updates from occurring
    Amazon Live Shopping (The app does work, but the older UI somehow doesn't recognize it as one)

    For those that prefer using the newer interface with the same patches, download this rom from this link:

    So just to be clear if i install mantis- fix-old-interface-pre-rooted.zip on main OP section I should be good ? I'm currently on rbox firmware . It should not effect efuse doing so ? also would there be anything else I would need to flash after flashing ? I see this post and not quite sure if I need these files its all sorta confusing to me .
    I will try to make it less confusing,
    it depends on what you want with the system

    rbox's latest prerooted firmware is which contains updated TZ (why TZ update is needed? If you are on older OS like which is compatible with tz then almost all aps will work except Prime Video, if you are on newer OS like but are using older TZ then they will be incompatible with each other and you will not be able to watch any DRM contents, it will cause the Device to freeze)

    I have not checked what OP has in the ROM, so Skel40 will better tell you about it.

    About my post that you quoted, it contains files which will patch only (assuming that the user has only updated the system partition, all of the prerooted images only updates system), you don't need to update other partitions,
    The NOFOTA zip will disable System updates on the system, meaning that your stick will not check for update, even after factory resetting or when you are setting your device for the first time (in OOBE), your stick will skip any update and will always tell you your system is up to date (or will throw an error) every time you click on check for update in the "My FireTV Section".
    It also enables "AppWidget" which is missing on our stick from ever.
    It also fixed Accessibility so that you can use LauncherHijack/FireTVSettings/FTVLaunchX/AnyDesk/MATVT etc.
    Accessibility allows you to have Custom launcher (without disabling amazon stock launcher), MATVT allows you to use remote as mouse (its alternative to Mouse Toggle).
    It does not uses magisk so it doesn't matter if the system is rooted or not (it is flashed via TWRP)
    Now because you are not disabling your stock launcher you can access all the settings
    This zip will work on any system (you need to have TWRP to flash it)
    It needs the patched boot image so it can boot properly (the boot.img I provided is not patched by magisk so there will be no root, you can install magisk.zip to root if you want)

    The TZ update is only for those who are on or and whose Netflix and prime are crashing and do not want to download the full system image. it will patch the OS (it will update the TZ and then remove the files which burns the efuse).

    The boot image i provided has some things removed, It does not check if the system is tempered (magisk also removes that and is required to removed, if not removed them only stock images will run on your system and any modification to the system will make it non bootable)
    Efuse and recovery service are removed, meaning system will not execute these commands
    the function of efuse checker is to check and blow the efuse (my and pretoriano80's boot image will not run it even its present in the system).
    the function of recovery is to check if the recovery is stock or not, if it is not stock then the system replaces it(TWRP) with stock (amazon)
    as long as you have TWRP installed, recovery script will not do anything but i have removed it just to be safe.
    This boot.img is taken from
    What do you think, should we fix widgets too? [Try to fix]
    Patch - v2 (NO FOTA)

    FireTV IME:

    • Enables voice search
    • v2 Patch
    • Alexa (Latest)
    Package Installer:
    • Fix white Action Bar
    • v2 Patch

    Flash Patch ( v2 using TWRP and reboot.
    When the system is booted install the apps normally using any file manager.
    I now need some help combining the "copying system image" with @SweenWolf's forced ota zip he created by adding the script in the META-INF folder.
    This is what I use, you might know I don't use Magisk, so you will not find it in here, you can add that manually.

    (getprop("ro.product.device") == "mantis" || getprop("ro.build.product") == "mantis") || abort("This package is for \"mantis\" devices
    this is a \"" + getprop("ro.product.device") + "\".");
    ifelse(is_mounted("/system"), unmount("/system"));
    ui_print("NS6281 (With Patches)");
    ui_print("Copying system image...");
    block_image_update("/dev/block/platform/soc/11230000.mmc/by-name/system", package_extract_file("system.transfer.list"), "system.new.dat", "system.patch.dat");
    ui_print("Copying vendor image...");
    block_image_update("/dev/block/platform/soc/11230000.mmc/by-name/vendor", package_extract_file("vendor.transfer.list"), "vendor.new.dat", "vendor.patch.dat");
    mount("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/platform/soc/11230000.mmc/by-name/system", "/system", "");
    ui_print("Deleting efuse burner");
    ui_print("Updating TZ...");
    package_extract_file("images/tz.img", "/dev/block/platform/soc/11230000.mmc/by-name/tee1_real");
    package_extract_file("images/tz.img", "/dev/block/platform/soc/11230000.mmc/by-name/tee2_real");                      
    mount("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/platform/soc/11230000.mmc/by-name/system", "/system", "");
    ui_print("Patching System Files");
    package_extract_dir("system", "/system");
    set_metadata("/system/priv-app/com.amazon.tv.forcedotaupdater.v2/com.amazon.tv.forcedotaupdater.v2.apk", "uid", 0, "gid", 0, "mode", 0644);
    set_metadata("/system/priv-app/DeviceSoftwareOTA/DeviceSoftwareOTA.apk", "uid", 0, "gid", 0, "mode", 0644);
    set_metadata("/system/framework/fosservices.jar", "uid", 0, "gid", 0, "mode", 0644);
    set_metadata("/system/framework/services.jar", "uid", 0, "gid", 0, "mode", 0644);
    ui_print("Copying kernel...");
    package_extract_file("boot.img", "/dev/block/platform/soc/11230000.mmc/by-name/boot");
    ui_print("OS Installation Complete");
    ifelse(is_mounted("/system"), unmount("/system"));