[Firmware] Download all Lumia firmware And emergency files

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Dec 22, 2014

I have created a tool where you can quickly and easily find or download a firmware of all Lumia models are avaible, also the new 950, 550 and 650.

Tutorial for flashing
Official Twitter for http://LumiaFirmware.com/
Don't forget the Donate for the project


---------- Update List ----------

Update: 20:49 22-03-2016
Firmware for Display Dock added

Update: 17:48 20-03-2016
The website has a new layout.

Update: 18:54 08-03-2016
The search function fixed

Update: 00:27 23-02-2016
You will now see quickly if a new firmware is added! Look

Update: 18:09 11-02-2016
Emergency Files added


Sorry for my bad English I'm Dutch
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Apr 3, 2012
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While I applaud your hard work. I'm thinking you need a ELI5(Explain Like I'm 5) type approach here. Explain how someone uses the files your device provides to go back to stock or upgrade/downgrade etc.
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Jan 10, 2007
.ffu is sufficient? I have a strange entry in the Operator 000-88. Is it possible to upload a whole version on the other product code ?


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Jun 23, 2010
I have this firmware on my lumia 640 lte


There are few with higher number like, but : 02177.00000.15184.36003

How do I know if it is safe tu upgrade and which package title to choose?
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Oct 9, 2008
I can not get any old firmware. But if there is now a new firmware you can always still download the old firmware. And You can now also see the last added firmware. http://www.lumiafirmware.com/last

I have posted this on another thread so apologies for the double post, but I'm getting tempted to try a Flash...lol

Originally Posted by sikhness
Has anyone been able to successfully debrand the AT&T Lumia 950 RM-1105 to RM-1104 using this? It seems that the AT&T one has fewer bands (missing LTE Band 17) which the unlocked variant has, would going to the unlocked variant cause any problems?
Also is the unlocked variant posted on this thread specific to any country?


I was curious about this too as I have a AT&T branded L-950 RM-1105....but all I have researched....not possible..oh well will wait patiently ...hell I still on stock: 01078.00017.15454.xxxx firmware... but at least OS: 10586.107) through MS Insider Preview Release Ring-just added..lol) Typical AT&T.....now two firmware updates behind!!

The ROM of my Lumia device is AT&T branded, what can I do?

If the ROM of your Lumia device is AT&T branded, it may be that you can't unbrand your Lumia device. In the most cases, the AT&T branded ROMs includes an platform protection to prevent any changing of ROM. Thus, if the protection is enabled, you can't flash an non-AT&T branded ROM, because you will get an FFU signature error.
If I attempt to FLASH the following ROM 059X5B6-RM-1104 VAR EURO A6 CV, and my present AT&T Branded ROM has this platform protection....will I just get a FFU signature error.......where I could just back-out/cancel, or will I risk a brinked device....?? Just purchased the phone...lol THANKS

However, if this platform protection is enabled, you can try, on some Lumia devices, to bypass it by differents ways:
Use this tutorial written by @pankaj981.
Use this tutorial written by @e-Pig.

If I find a way to successfully find a way to bypass the AT&T platform protection on their ROMS....highly doubtful with my skill level...lol
What would be the ROM I would then FLASH too??
I see this RM-1104 ROM
Product Code: 059X5B6-RM-1104 VAR EURO A6 CV

I can D/L these files....however the 'De-Branding' proceedure of the RM-1105 VAR US ATT SL BLACK ROM is the issue...dam it..lol


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