Firmware for Carplay AI Boxes (Qualcomm/Rockchip/Allwinner) Android 7/9

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Feb 5, 2005
Firmware for Carplay AI Boxes (Qualcomm/Rockchip/Allwinner) Android 7/9

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This thread is created to provide/maintain firmwareupdates and discuss problems/bugs of firmwares for Carplay AI Boxes (Qualcomm/Rockchip/Allwinner) Android 7/9.
If you have any new firmwares please PM and i will pin it in the main thread. If you post questions, be sure to tell the others, which one you are using --> See boxes below

If you like what i am doing here, feel free to buy me a glass of whisky :):

Firmware Archive (permalinks (old and new)
Yandex Repository

Qualcomm based Android 10 AI Box (ApplePieMax/UX999 Pro Max):

View attachment 5596981View attachment 5596985

Qualcomm based Android 10 AI Box (QCM6125):
View attachment 5544193
Shipment from Inside the EU:

Shipment from Outside of EU:

First Variant:
View attachment 5544195View attachment 5544197

Qualcomm based Android 9 AI Box (ApplePie & ApplePie Mini):

ApplePie Mini 2.0 (APM888)
--now available as EU and NorthAmerican Version--has new firmware that is not compatible with the Version 1--

View attachment 5363735

ApplePie Mini Clone
View attachment 5442815View attachment 5442817


--same hardware as the other snapdragon boxes, but different firmware--
View attachment 5456169

ApplePie Mini (UX999) 1.0
View attachment 5363735

ApplePie (QM8888)
---predecessor to ApplePieMini---

View attachment 5357445View attachment 5357459

Latest firmwares for QM8888 & UX999:

Misc links:
Youtube Videos of the Device (Please Click)

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FacebookGroup (powered by Exploter)

Manual for ApplePieMini UX999

Manual for QM8888

How to Upgrade UX999/QM8888

View attachment 5406973

Allwinner Chipset based Android 9 AI Box (CP600P 4/32&4/64):
View attachment 5357453

Beware: there are a lot of fake products based on the CP600 with Allwinnerchipset, which have a fake Android 9.

Latest firmwares:
2021-07-13 (ROOTED) Thanks to localos
2021-07-05 (Upgrade & RecoveryImage)
2021-06-19 (Upgrade & RecoveryImage or 2021-06-19

Rockchip based Android 9 AI Box:
View attachment 5357447
Latest firmwares:​

Allwinner Chipset based Android 7 AI Box (CP600 4/32):

(there is an older on one with 2/32 and the firmware should work here too):
View attachment 5357449View attachment 5357451

Latest firmwares:
2021-05-21 (Rooted with Magisk!)
2021-04-08 (UROID) Thanks to SonicSpinner (other UROID Firmwares are posted below)

--> or Yandex Repository

--> or
UROID Firmwares from Kaptrader

Update procedure is mostly the same on all boxes:

NOTE: (do not power off the MMB box during the upgrade process)
  1. Preparation:
  2. Unpack the downloaded zip and place the unpacked into the root of a sd card/usb drive
  3. Rename the OTA upgrade file to or (for CP600);
  4. After the MMB system detects the upgrade package, the screen will show a screen to upgrade. According to the point, select [Upgrade Now]
  5. The system will automatically copy the OTA upgrade file to the MMB box
  6. After the copy is completed, the system will restart and install (MMB box indicator light effect: red flashing)
  7. After installation is complete, the program will be loaded (MMB box indicator light effect: blue flashing)
  8. After the start up is complete, you will enter the main interface of the MMB box (MMB box indicator light effect: blue)

If you want to completly factoryreset a device you can try the following PINs:


If you encounter any problems please contact your seller and tell them your head unit (version).
Not all car manufactures have implemented the carplay service correctly, so consider also updating your head unit on next service or contact you dealer for it.

General discussions about these boxes are found here:

Im not responisble for the provided firmwares and i am not a developer, so don´t ask me questions to releasenotes or request features! i
Hello, I think that in qcm6125 update files, you would have to put if it belongs to Cartizan or HCT box, since they are totally different and can lead to an error in the updates. Greetings


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Apr 29, 2022
hello dear i am new here i have this cp600 p-box and am sending you two pictures maybe you can help me which company wax i need. Thanks.

hallo ihr lieben ich bin neu hier ich habe diese cp600 p-box und schicke euch zwei bilder vielleicht könnt ihr mir helfen welches firmenwachs ich brauche. Danke.


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Apr 22, 2022
I recently bought CarlinKit AI Box Mini Android 9 but I would prefer ApplePie UI. Could you please confirm they are the same devises and that I can use ApplePie Mini AI firmware ? Thank you

EDIT: it works, using OTA.apk for upgrading the firmware.
Can you explain the process better? I am very interested


Apr 30, 2022
Hello! This is a post from Japan. I am using Cartizan's PLC-S31E (QCM6125_Android10). I downloaded (HCTBOX_sc138_10.0_EAU_ota_2022-04-24_0226) 2022-04-22 from the firmware archive. Is it okay to apply it to PLC-S31E?

If you look closely, someone told me that it doesn't fit here. Wait for the next update file from Cartizan.
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Apr 20, 2022
Can you explain the process better? I am very interested
Ok, je vais le faire en Français, c'est plus facile pour moi.
1) Dans ta voiture, une fois Carlinkit installé, utilise Chrome pour télécharger OTA.apk à l'adresse suivante:

2) Clique sur le fichier téléchargé et installe-le. (Il faudra autoriser l'utilisation de Sources Inconnues quand on te le demanderas).

3) Ensuite, sur ton PC, télécharge le dernier firmware ApplePie là:

4) Renomme-le "" et copie-le sur une clé USB.

5) Insère la clé USB dans le Carlinkit et met le contact de ta voiture. Le firmware va être installé.

6) Profite!
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Apr 22, 2022
Ok, lo haré en francés, es más fácil para mí.
1) En su automóvil, una vez que Carlinkit esté instalado, use Chrome para descargar OTA.apk desde:

2) Haga clic en el archivo descargado e instálelo. (Deberá autorizar el uso de fuentes desconocidas cuando se le solicite).

3) Luego, en su PC, descargue el último firmware de ApplePie:

4) Cámbiele el nombre a "" y cópielo en una memoria USB.

5) Inserte la llave USB en el Carlinkit y encienda su automóvil. Se instalará el firmware.

6) ¡Disfruta!
And does apple pie firmware work on a carlinkit cpc-200?

Is it better than carlinkit firmware?

Right now I am finishing version 2022-04-26 of carlinkit
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Apr 22, 2022
I want to remove the floating window when I receive or make a call from the "bt phone" application and only the android auto interface appears. It's possible?


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Apr 5, 2016
Hello, I recently purchased a U2 Plus from Ottocast ( I used the Android AI box functionality to try to simultaneously play music from my phone, and also use a mapping software, such as Google Maps or Waze, to tell me directions. Playing music is fine...until the mapping software tries to tell me directions. The music will stop playing through all the speakers (I'm guessing it starts playing through all 11 speakers of my 2022 RAV4 Hybrid XSE, and then only plays through 4 of them), and then plays the direction, then it will "reset" and the music will play through all of the speakers in my car.

I'm guessing that this may be an issue that may be resolved with a firmware update? I tried emailing the manufacturer but haven't received a response. This is a PICASOU box with the following information:
Device name: X7
Model: X7-NA-00-00
Android version: 9
Build number: X7-NA-00-00

Does anyone know where to verify if I have the latest firmware version, and if I have an outdated firmware version, where to find an updated firmware version for Ottocast U2 Plus?

Alternatively, has anyone encountered this issue before and purchased a different Android AI Box that does not have this issue? (I'm within the return period for this unit)


Apr 11, 2022
Is there a way to fully backup (or clone) my entire install of the Carlinkit AI Box Mini? I would like to take a full backup somehow, including all installed apps and settings. There are two reasons for this:
1. I want to copy/backup this install to another Carlinkit AI Box Mini device (without the need to install and configure all these apps again on a second device).
2. I also want to try Appliepie firmware on the devices, but if its not better or if I prefer the original firmware, I want to be able to quickly restore my old installation with all settings.

Is this possible?
Thanks a lot!

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