[Firmware] for the SWM8802

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Aug 17, 2019
we are both dead on the beatch...my swm is a total brick!!! sometimes only shows the running image of the fiat 500...and it keeps running,running...im dead!!!


Mar 5, 2013
I just tried the sd card update posted on this thred, after 10 mins I got an ERROR. Luckily it still works.

Has anyone found an android update that works? The head unit keeps throwing up a "unfortunatly settings has stopped" occationally. no wifi etc, plus sometimes I can't get sound from you tube etc.

I am about to try an update from a russian site.......

Seems to be the same update.zip.... Gets a quarter of the way up the status bar then ERROR.

Do I have to do the firmware thing to update Android?
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Mar 26, 2020
I used your suggestion, the flash tool and now my screen is completly black.
on this software there are 3 options, i selected the Firmware update, the others were "download only" or "format all + download".
What do you think is the problem?


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Mar 29, 2023
Has someone been successful when doing the flashtool thing? I tried to format and download with the firmware file I found on xda and now my device won't turn on, it's bricked. So I don't know what to do to solve it and the flashtool keeps giving me "DRAM errors".
:( I was trying to fix it because the software was looped.

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    my device does not work now does not turn on, Please help with another firmware for my swm8802
    thank you
    Upgade the firmware

    Hi guys

    i finaly found out how to flash our cheap android 8702 player.

    first of all download this https://yadi.sk/d/gZvmllBw3WeoLz

    then unzip it to desktop

    then go to device manager and add a divice manual choozing the one from the file you unzip Windows_10_MTK_VCOM_USB_Preloader_Drivers_tehnotone.com

    instal drivers media tek da usb vcom port
    and mediatek preloader usb vcom port

    you will not see any new device in device manager just add the drivers

    now oper the flash tool and select the scater file ftom the swm8802 firmware folder

    then choose format all +download

    you are ready now just klick on the green download arrow

    after you do that conect the male to male usb cable to pc and to the front usb port at the player and after conect the power cable

    now it start to flash the new firmware.

    what i found after instaling is that the player is 4.4.4 and its faster
    it is rooted
    and it needs igo to be installed so copy your igo to sd before upgrade

    there is also https://yadi.sk/d/nPuSTzgB3U65b2 update.zip to download if you like this is very easy to flash
    just copy the update.zip to sd and go to settings / about device / locale update and click update

    everything work grate to me.

    good luck

    sorry for my bad english