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Dec 26, 2010
tri(p) city
There is something wrong with your wifi. Since you enabled it your telephone is never gone deep sleep anymore. I advice You to try reflashing with repartition enabled. Also try to delete your android folder Inside internal sdcard. Hope this will help.
christ... on what is you bla bla based - logs? dont think so - ok you want to hel but please base you miracle how-to on your own experience not on what you think should help

wifi usage in i9000 is dramaticly high, while it is connected (even when not used, just connected)
phone goes into deep sleep as you call it but even then wifi module still drains the energy like crazy
best way is to disable wifi manualu when you are not using it
manualy because setting it to turn off when screen goes off is kinda bullshit - it will turn off after 15 minutes of idle not right after screen turning off

data connection drains battery also but when used only - in idle state battery usage is minimal - but to minimalise battery usage during night you can disable data connection and turn off wifi in notification
how can i disable this for good?
idk i had my unit unlocked so i have no experience in that matter
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Nov 1, 2010

Please tell me where is possibile found some other modem. With JVQ and JVR i have problem to see mobile tv in my country. In old firmware and modem this is not happend!


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    About XXJVR

    Hi guys :)

    I read that some of you want my opinion about this firmware, at least, this is what I understood of some of the posters in this thread.

    I have downloaded the firmware and unpacked it, the first that got me thinking is the date of the CSC file.

    Looking closer in the CSC file, I could find out that the CSC file was not made for XXJVR but is the old XXJVQ CSC package.
    If you want check by your self then use UltraISO or MagicISO on Windows to show and extract the content of the cache.rfs file, if you are a Linux user then just extract the cache.rfs file using the decompressing utility.

    Some of you did mention that the firmware does not include the Daily Briefing utility, well, Samsung did move this application from the regular /system partition to the /data/app folder on /data partition so you have to look for it on the cache.rfs file. Even if the application is there and is being copied but it will not work because the files don't belong to this firmware.

    My conclusion is, this firmware is incomplete and I will not use it, even if it later shows that the PHONE and PDA files are genuine, because it's not complete and includes files that does not belong to it. Please understand that this is my opinion.

    So please don't ask me to add a link to the firmwares thread or deodex this firmware.

    There were questions regarding the small and empty cache.rfs and dbdata.rfs in the PDA file, those files are used to format /cache and /dbdata prior to writing on these partitions. The big dbdata.rfs file that is included in the CSC package does include Samsung commercial/video/music material, I don't include this file because every one of you will end up deleting them and to make the firmware package smaller for you to download.
    Enjoy :D

    Download from Hotfile (samfirmware link)

    pass: samfirmware.com

    Heimdall Package: HERE - Multiupload (thanks to aorth)

    Build Date: 27 July 2011

    Swype languages:
    UK and US English
    Chinese(I think)
    Portugues Europeu


    (thanks to ingbrzy)
    Changelog (partial)
    • Speed Improvements
    • Browser Improved
    • The Bug of Phonea.apk is still present for someone
    • Maybe auto-brightness will not work using a custom kernel

    Semaphore 1.5.0

    Rooted with CF-Root-XX_OXA_JVP-v3.7-CWM3RFS and currently restoring my apps. Seems a lot faster in the restoration than JVQ.

    quadrant score of 1645 on stock JVR

    no speed mod or whatever ;)

    This new JVR is very fast, at quadrant my score is 1693 with stock kernel.
    The phone is smooth, good audio in calls and good signal 3g.
    Tomorrow I will check also gps and battery life.

    This rom is blazing fast !!!
    installed 110+ apps and still its not slowing down... not even a bit...
    And not that it matters much but i am getting 1750+ quadrant every time and highest being 1839 !!!

    And all this on STOCK ROM :eek:
    why is this JVR rom considerably larger than samfirmware.
    This is 376.67 MB and samfirmware is 229.6 MB which is about 147MB more than the first post from samfirmware link.

    It's all about money, the bigger the file is the bigger is the pay: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=846913&page=50 post #491

    He does not compress the files to keep the size big to maximize profit, you did not know BogdanSNB and his scam, but now you know. :)
    JVR -fixed- spottings:

    - m4a tags reading (HOW TO CHECK POST LINK) - FIXED
    - cfroot wifi/bt/gps - FIXED

    - wifi seems to be improved in therms of signal streanght recived and in consequence speed connected - but this could be placebo as well

    - using battery after charging it to 100% with AC still plugged in - to be determined
    - power usage of wifi in connected but idle state - to be determined
    - browser lag after dodexing / moding framework.odex - to be determined (probably it will lag but i can wish)
    @$omator What about this?

    An spanish user from HTCMania forum said this morning that for those who have drain battery problems with AC plugged, try to charge the phone unselecting “USB Mass storage”.

    This user says that he tried it during the night and this morning had 99% when he unplugged the AC.

    Thanks for this info!
    If I select "Mass Storage" inside the USB Settings the battery charge till 100% and stops charging after this. The battery info still tells me 100% but if I unplug the power the real battery level is much lower.

    With the USB setting "Samsung Kies" the device didn't stop charging. And the battery is still full after unplugging the device.