[Firmware] QF001 (ROCO K706) Head Units with UIS 7862a/7862s (not FYT based)

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Feb 6, 2023
i've installed new soft. In my case, after a few hours of use the HU, i didn't notice any good or bad changes, compare to the 0414.
ok. one good thing, there's a calling signal when you dial a number, not present in previous soft
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Oct 3, 2010
Software tool not easy to use with PC and with unit installed in the car, but still very useful to know that it exists...thanks!

Another possibility instead of uninstall could be to DISABLE forever ... but I have to investigate if it is possible to do it and how with TPMS default app ...Nobody?
Yeah, you would need a laptop.

have you tried changing the default TPMS app in settings?


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Apr 23, 2011
Can someone confirm if the "beep beep" sound when you make a phone call is still missing on the latest firmware?


Nov 23, 2013
Can someone please give me stock firmware for my unit? 4 GB + 64 GB. Thanks.
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Mar 26, 2023
I do not know how it is with other users, but for me this update 20230508 unfortunately began to break after a few days of use. At first everything was fine, but now the device reboots itself from time to time. Does anyone also have the same problem?


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Oct 15, 2022
I have been installed last version 1 week ago, all I saw new was posibility to choose ring tone. And to uninstall unnecessary app.

Looks like they are working indeed on these updates, but I still have issues with the sound. Loud and distorted, problems I didn't had with stock firmware. That is the reason I searching for.
The choice of ringtone and the possibility of uninstalling stock apps (actually THEY ARE very few, many stock apps cannot be uninstalled, e.g. TPMS, which I don't want to have, but...) is already possible with firmware 0414.
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    Today the seller sent me a new MCU QF03 for BD32107, TDA7708.
    File's title in chinese means " for a louder sound " . Not sure if it's a good idea for my poor speakers 😂
    This one actually solves the problem of overly loud speakers for some people. I used to set the gain to -15db, and all esp to -12db, then i can a suitable loudness. with this, esp can go to 0 and gain is still -15db, and loudnesses are the same.

    So in theory, the gain is -27db now, compared to the old MCU.

    Really recommand.
    AFAIK 0819 is the latest firmware available, never heard of 0824 untill now.. If someone have it or even an eventually September update, it would be nice to share it.

    I'd like to do some development on this system, so I'm looking for the newest available. But even if it is older than what I have, I'll take it. I'll take a backup of my current image via adb, but I'm not sure I can restore a dd dump back to the system (my thought is to try to extract the relevant images from the dump and merge them with an existing pac, but I've not seen anyone try that so far). Anyhow, I'd like a safe backup just in case.
    It is said to be better. sound and other features
    I don't think it will get better and I think I'm not the only one who thinks so. Only the volume scale was probably better scaled, but the quality was the same. But my device was rebooting itself several times a day and applications were crashing. But if you really want to, use the code 774411 in "factory settings"
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    The purpose of this thread is to consolidate links to firmware updates for these devices. Please do not use this thread for discussion. Go to the General Discussion thread for that. If you have a comment regarding one of the posts here please quote it and make your comment on the General Discussion thread.

    In this thread post new links to update and MCU files with a brief description, the version, and in the case of MCU files post the devices it is for (S1-S4 or S5-S8). If you have a picture of the System Information screen that would be great too. Also if you have change logs you can post them here as well.
    Can someone please give me stock firmware for my unit? 4 GB + 64 GB. Thanks.
    Every firmware is stock firmware here.
    Which version do you want?

    I have these from the past:
    20230104 Download
    20230304 Download
    20230328 Download
    20230414 Download

    2023-02-04 update record:
    1. Integrate the latest DVR, track, and online radio APK of peers
    2. Hide or show fan control application icon (password 45455656)
    3. Add button sound
    4. Add the function of forced upgrade system
    5. Optimize the problem that google related processes die
    6. Music added artist, album classification
    7. Added display whether it is a WiFi version in the detailed information interface of this machine

    2023-01-09 update record:
    1. Solve the problem that when the voice switch is turned on, the voice robot cannot pop up after the B+ is turned off, and the voice wake-up cannot be performed.

    2023-01-04 update record:
    1. Solve the problem that some machines fail to upgrade
    2. Optimize fan control logic(2)

    2023-01-03 update record:
    1. Optimize the fan control logic(1)
    2. Hide button sound settings

    2022-12-30 update record:
    1. Solve the problem that the fan icon is displayed on the rework board with the flash replaced.
    2. Solve the problem that Spotify is stuck after Wright Android auto plays the map sound
    3. The main interface adapts to a third-party media player: Youtube Music
    4. Turn off Bluetooth after connecting to carplay
    5. Solve the problem that Zhijian carplay displays a black screen on the 2K screen
    6. Modify the problem that the custom widget cannot accept third-party background broadcasts
    7. Save the AF and TA switches, and send them to the mcu after booting

    2022-12-25 update record:
    1. Solve the problem of differential upgrade failure
    2. Add the function of switching between Wright and Zhijian carplay
    3. Compatible with third-party media players: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Youtube
    4. Solve the problem that after the carplay is connected, the power is cut off, and the bluetooth cannot be operated when it is turned on again
    5. After the carplay is connected, turn off the bluetooth and prohibit the operation of the bluetooth
    6. Solve the problem that the phonebook is downloading but not turning around
    7. Increase the logic of starting the pass track service when acc is on; increase the logic of starting the pass track service every minute
    8. Modify the square control learning string

    2022-12-16 update record:
    1. Realize that the third-party APP can be uninstalled
    2. Add Bluetooth contact collection function
    3. Solve the problem that the Wright carplay screen freezes
    4. Display the original car battery voltage in the status bar
    5. Add the setting item of reversing function, which is turned on by default. When the reversing function is turned off, it will not enter the reversing process when reversing
    6. Control the subwoofer output in the DSP (in the DSP bass enhancement interface, add the subwoofer gain adjustment function)
    7. Modify the emmc drive capability and optimize the boot card logo problem
    8. The original car volume and original car backlight adjustment logic are added to the status bar
    9. Put the font size setting item in the Carsetting->Display menu
    10. Do not kill carplay background service when ACC is turned off
    11. The main interface is radio, which can display the name of the station
    12. Adjust the UI of the main interface and fix the display fonts of some controls
    13. Adjust the radio UI, some UI display fonts do not change with the system font size
    14. Modify the text display color to avoid the color from being too white and too bright
    15. The Bluetooth address book is only allowed to be viewed by the current user
    16. After connecting to carplay, disable bluetooth
    17. Fixed the problem that the customer reported the error in the Vios Volkswagen MQB pop-up window
    18. Add the function of custom factory setting password
    19. Modify the home page background of the main interface to be displayed as the system wallpaper
    20. Optimize the logic of starting navigation, DVR, OBD, and TPMS applications on the main interface. When the started application does not exist, the pop-up window defaults to the application selection prompt box
    21. Modify the problem that the U disk can't scan the files every day after waking up from sleep
    22. Modify the factory-specific test tool: configure the size of ddr and flash, and then conduct a comparison test with the actual size of the machine
    23. After restarting the machine after a power failure, the default backlight value is not set
    24. Modify the logic of starting OBD and TPMS on the main interface. When the default application of OBD or TPMS is empty, add the logic of optional application
    25. Add default OBD software and default TPMS software selection setting items in the general setting interface
    26. Solve the problem that the machine sometimes restarts, and the data of the colorful lights is not synchronized to the MCU

    2022-11-26 update record:
    1. Add the OTA function of the traveler.
    2. Add font size menu
    3. Option to increase sleep time
    4. Add bluetooth music control on Home Launcher, share with music and radio control
    5. Add fan control APP
    6. Solve the problem that Spotify still plays the sound when making a Bluetooth call
    7. Add the external power amplifier switch (the default is off and half off, when connected to the external power amplifier, turn on this switch to reduce the POP sound)
    8. Add a fiber optic coaxial switch (default off, the noise floor will be smaller if you turn it off, turn on this switch when using optical fiber or coaxial network cable)
    9. Modify the headlight detection, mute setting items can be saved after power off
    10. Click Save on the radio to save the name of the currently displayed RDS station
    11. Solve the problem that the google calendar app cannot run
    12. Solve the problem that the music is in some cases (such as igo front desk), and the music is not playing, so the button is pressed
    13. Optimize the problem that the radio sometimes has no sound
    14. The protocol APP has added translations in more than a dozen languages such as Polish
    15. Optimize the problem that sometimes there is no MCU version in the car settings
    16. All models turn off the original car radio by default to avoid complaints that the radio has no effect (if you have the original car radio, turn it on yourself)
    17. Added support for Luzheng Renault Arkana and other models, updated Audi Mercedes-Benz to be fully compatible, and supports knobs
    18. The stations added to the information list of all stations are displayed according to the current band
    19. The main interface opens the function of adding widgets (displayed on page 2)
    20. When modifying the search, press the home button to return to the main interface, and then enter the radio, the search stops
    21. When modifying the search, press the home button to return to the main interface, press the button of the radio control on the main interface, the search does not stop
    22. Solve the problem that nova launcher cannot open QF APP
    23. carplay closes the background connection by default
    24. Put the carletter/zlink5 app icon on the home page
    25. Update to simple caprlay app to 5.3.18
    26. Display the fan APP according to the serial number date (the boss does not display the fan APP,

    After 2022-12-22, the board will display the fan APP)

    2022-11-05 update record:
    1. Modify the name of the radio RDS station
    2. Modify the default background of the AUX interface
    3. Added equipment, display, reversing, and system display pages in the car settings, and moved some settings in the factory settings to the new settings page and general page
    4. Modification of Polish language strings on the main interface and car settings
    5. Wright adds square control key support (the Wright APP has a probability of being useless when it is in the background)
    6. Optimize the sleep wake-up function and reduce the situation of ACC restart
    7. Solve the pop-up problem of Kugou and other apps

    2022-10-19 update record:
    1. Solve the problem of re-ignition and cold start after loading the car, and solve the problem that the radio station cannot be saved after power failure
    2. Install all currently available launchers in the machine, allowing customers to choose from multiple options
    3. Adjust the default launcher to the blue one, optimize the four displays on one screen, optimize the animation showing the speed of the car, and the power of the mobile phone
    4. Allow installation of third-party launchers
    5. Add our company's current common protocol options
    5. Optimize some black screen INT problems
    6. RDS saves the station to display the name of the station, you can edit the name of the station by yourself, and optimize the use of RDS
    7. Fix the bug "The current band is not memorized after the search station is disconnected from B+ (the actual broadcast station 107.5 is FM2, and the display interface is band 1)"
    8. Fix the bug "When switching from FM1 to FM2/3 while receiving a radio station, it still plays 87.5 instead of the stored radio station"
    9. Update carplay, fix POP sound and other issues, but still need to reactivate
    10 Adjust the sound balance ratio, navigation, radio, Bluetooth music, phone calls, local music, video and other sound outputs are consistent
    11. Solve the problem that the other party cannot hear the sound when making a Bluetooth call after running Google Assistant
    12. U disk recognition optimization, compatible with more U disk.
    13. Replace two built-in music

    Thanks @Max643