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[Firmware][SGH-I777][JB][4.1.1] CyanogenMod 10 preview | USER THREAD

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Senior Member
Apr 28, 2008
Although I am not a hardcore gamer, I have never experienced a single freeze during a game and I also mildly undervolt my GPU settings. The only issue keeping this from stable in my eyes is the broken Auto time zone. Its been BORKED since the beginning and is a nuisance to those of us that travel. Does anyone have a status update on that? I plan on using JIRA to report it once I get to the house

Samsung Galaxy SII I777
CyanogenMod 10.1.3 RC1/AOCP ICEE
AJK ONE 45 "BOSS" Kernel

Please file the bug report. Thanks.


New member
Sep 5, 2013
Is there a fix for GPS problems? I am a relatively new CM user on SGH i777. Have been unable to get GPS fix for extended periods of time (>15 minutes) on most recent nightlies. Went down to most recent stable, have the same problem. Close to flashing back to stock as GPS is a big part of my phone use. Any advice?


Senior Member
Nov 27, 2010
Is there a fix for GPS problems? I am a relatively new CM user on SGH i777. Have been unable to get GPS fix for extended periods of time (>15 minutes) on most recent nightlies. Went down to most recent stable, have the same problem. Close to flashing back to stock as GPS is a big part of my phone use. Any advice?

No fix. It's been broken since June timeframe.


Senior Member
Nov 27, 2010
Huh??? Where did you get that? It was briefly in a bad state when 10.2 started, but it has been always good with 10.1 and it is now good with 10.2.

Stock ROM's GPS has been broken to me, though.

Stock ROMs work for me. Older CMs worked too. Somewhere in 10.1 I first noticed it wasn't working, and found others with the problem (search, esp. i9100). I started trying different ROMs and found CM based ones had the issue -- but not for everyone. I don't doubt your experience. Go figure.


Senior Member
Dec 26, 2010
Actually I confirm this with my phone as well. I am on att and I didn't have this issue while I was on 10.1.

I have the same issue. Have tried couple modems already and none of them seemed to work. Thought could be a problem of having att tho.
What carriers are you using?

I'm on att, glad I'm not the only one. And yeah I think it started with 10.2

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Senior Recognized Developer
Aug 31, 2007
Owego, NY
Remember, any issues with the RCs should be posted to JIRA with full logs.

I won't be the one fixing them, but if they are to receive any attention at all, they should be on JIRA. This is ONLY for the RC builds.
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Senior Member
Dec 22, 2010
RC2 running well. Apollo FC after wipes is gone! My bug report for borked timezone was ignored because of no log submitted. It would be looked down upon anyway because I do not run stock kernel (BLN a must have for me). Anyone that runs stock kernel feel free to submit a log on jira for broken timezone. I don't think its fixed on RC2 (although I may be wrong...didn't see anything in change log)

Update: RC2 is NOTICEABLY smoother than RC1.

Samsung Galaxy SII I777
CyanogenMod 10.1.3 RC2/AOCP ICEE
AJK ONE 4.6 "BOSS" Kernel
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Senior Member
Oct 13, 2011
Does anyone know how to fix the GPS? in the RC2 still not working and the only bad thing is that I find this wonderful ROM.

Never had any problem with 10.1 (before RC) but 10.2 seems not very good. I am using GPS Status and it helps a bit.

I'm using GPS Test & it helps/works after I go into settings of the app & "clear agps" then "update agps". Mine you I was in my bathroom while grabbing the screenshot. That's why levels & accuracy are low.

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Senior Member
Sep 7, 2010
Well finally decided to come back and check out CM 10.2 last night after using the ATT 4.1.2 release since April.. Gotta say, I miss parts of my Touchwiz but damn this ROM is smooooooth.. Was kinda scared after everything that happened with 10.0/10.1 but said screw it and flashed it, since it seemed like it was in a much better working state then the rest. Havent done much other then some Facebooking, text messaging, few phone calls and a couple of forum apps but so far so good. Havent seen a crash rotating the screen yet but I do also have the erratic touch response issue. Seems to me like sometimes it just doesnt sense enough pressure so I make sure I tap it harder and it works 95% of the time..

A couple questions...

1. Im in Southern California (Pacific Time Zone), on ATT obviously, and when I set the Date & Time to use the networks location and time, its putting my Time Zone as GMT. The time itself is correct, its just putting me like 8 hours ahead of where I should be so I have to manually set the time zone.. Did I miss a new setting somewhere in there??

2. Where the heck did the Developers Options go??? When I installed an apk last night, it took me to the screen where I enabled Unknown Sources but I cant for the life of me figure out how to get back to it!!

3. Where did the sensitivity options for the touch screen go as well?? Dug through all of the Settings today and couldnt find anything in there...

Guess thats it for now. Gonna go charge this sucker and see how Final Fantasy 3 runs hehe!!

Oh wait one last one, whos our maintainer now?? Im assuming its not Entropy anymore??

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     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
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     * Submitting bug reports on nightly builds is the leading 
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    CyanogenMod is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. Linked below is a package that has come from another Android project that restore the Google parts. CyanogenMod does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.

    All the source code for CyanogenMod is available in the CyanogenMod Github repo. And if you would like to contribute to CyanogenMod, please visit out Gerrit Code Review. You can also view the Changelog for a full list of changes & features.

    First time installing CyanogenMod 10 to your Galaxy S II, or coming from another ROM:
    - Make sure you're running a proper working CWM Recovery
    - Copy GApps and CM10 ZIPs to your internal SDCard
    - Boot into Recovery
    - Flash CM10 zip from internal SDCard
    - Flash GApps zip from internal SDCard
    - DO A DATA WIPE / FACTORY RESET (otherwise your device will be stuck at boot)
    - Reboot
    - Don't restore Apps using Titanium Backup!

    Upgrading from earlier version of CyanogenMod 10:
    - Copy CM10 ZIP to your internal SDCard
    - Boot into Recovery
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    - Reboot

    Experimental builds:
    http://d-h.st/JaT - 7/27/2012
    http://d-h.st/aMl - 8/3/2012
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    Don't expect any support if you:
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    - have installed any mods
    - have modified system files

    If you're going to reuse our work, which we're doing for free, be fair and give proper credits.
    This is the only payment we're really demanding and we deserve it to be mentioned because of the countless hours we've put into this project.
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    • Everything is broken until proven otherwise.
    • Known broken things include:
    • Mediascanner derps hard for many people, eating 100% CPU for 30-40 minutes on boot.
    • Missing many CM10 features
    • NFC totally untested
    • Anything broken on I9100 will be a problem on I777 too
    • Screenshots are from I9100. I'm lazy, and I777 isn't any different

    You want to live on the bleeding edge, you're probably gonna get cut
    Update -
    Good news: I found out the source of the problem and built a fix this morning.
    Bad news: Severe thunderstorms yesterday afternoon knocked out my cable modem. I'm unable to upload a build or even the fix until it comes back.
    RELEASE PULLED. I just discovered from user reports in the N7000 thread that this has the capability of triggering the infamous eMMC brickbug on installation. This is far less likely on I777 since almost no one is running intramfs-repacked UCLE5, but those people could experience severe unrecoverable problems. I will reopen this thread once I reimplement that fix.

    To be clear - the bug only affects initial flashing. If you are already running CM10, you are safe. If you are not already running CM10, DO NOT flash the release unless you are running a known safe kernel. Right now, I will only guarantee safety with the pulled release if you start from CM9.
    Unless something comes up Monday evening and I'm too busy to build, I'll try to get the first I777 test build out monday evening for 4.2.1.

    Benefit of the wait for you guys? N7000/I9100 users are guinea pigs with ****ty builds that have all sorts of broken stuff. First I777 build will have all of the big issues resolved. :p
    4.2 test build within the next few days, depending on my availability/time.

    Finally I think we've got the graphics breakthrough we need... just needs to be beat on/polished a bit.