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DL to drive. Need an idiots guide, step by step. I see multiple files in drive, which do I open, can I side load, or do I have to use a SD card and side load?
K88v2.0.0b17 latest version available

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Mar 24, 2010
downloaed b17 from the link and tried to sideload it in ADB. But twrp complaints "This package is not ks package!" and installation aborts.

What did I do wrong? BTW I am still on 6.0.2/MMB29M/20161128.225900 FWIW.

Edit: Never mind, applied update.zip from SD card and all was good.
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Jan 14, 2007
I'm having trouble updating. I'm on 5.1.1 every time I try to update from the SD card with the update.zip it gets to 30% and says "No Command".

Any ideas?


Aug 24, 2011
Any resolution for the sensor issue? I bought 3 of these tablets (for kids) and seem to be having this issue with 2 of them. They wouldn't auto-rotate, so I ran the sensor test, and the accelerometer (as well as compass, etc.) is not detected on both of them. The other one works fine.

Oddly, I've tried flashing back to the marshmallow stock images I've found in this forum, and the problem is still there. None of the custom images I've tried work either.

I'm not sure for certain whether the sensors worked when I got the tablets, but it would seem odd that two of them would have the exact same hardware problem. So I assume there's an incompatibility between the sensor hardware and the images I'm flashing?

Maybe too late to answer, but I leave this message for others.

Perform 'wipe data/factory reset' and then 'wipe cache partition" after downgraded to B31 or B33(MM).

I had the same issue. All Nougat stock/custom firmware didn't work the auto screen-rotation.
Once I downgraded to B31, it still didn't work.
Boot into Stock Recovery(power and volume up button), perform wipe data and cache.
Now the auto screen-rotation worked on MM firmware.

But if upgraded to Nougat once again, the auto screen rotation will not work.
So those tables must stay with MM, not Nougat


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Nov 18, 2010
I currently have stock version: 6.0.1 (Build number: K88V1.0.0B29) and I am trying to update to Nougat, so I followed the sideload instructions and ran:

$ ./adb sideload "343410B1702K88V2.0.0B17(SD card software).zip"

But the zip failed signature verification with below error:

E:footer is wrong
E:Signature verification failed
Installation aborted.

What could I be missing? Do I need to install some intermediate updates first?

Update: I tried to update to Marshmallow b33 package and after transferring about 40%, it too aborted:

This package is not ks package!
Installation aborted.

Update 2: I am trying the SD card method and it seems to be going through for b33. I will try the same approach for b17 file as well. I also came across the "OEM Unlock" settings from a video, but it didn't help the adb sideload.

Update 3: I was able to upgrade to B33, but when I tried to upgrade to B17 using SD card, I got the same signature verification error as before. Then I found that the zip is corrupted, I can't even open it. I downloaded both from the google drive, so not sure why one of them is corrupt. I will try to download from an alternative location now.

Update 4: I found that there is an update.zip in the outer zip file that needs to be extracted and that is how I thought it was corrupted. For some reason, the unzip command in Mac was giving some error, but it looks it was related to some character set as I was able to successfully extract it using an app. The extracted zip also failed to update using sideload the same as before, but I was able to update using the SD card.

I hope my post will be useful for others who stumble across these issues in the future :)
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