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General Firmware update thread

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Dec 29, 2020
Update A22 appeared this morning. I have had to check manually in settings>system update to see it. UK


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Feb 16, 2006
Here and There
Did you try SuperVPN and connect to France?
Yes, I did and there is no any updates for me. I've asked Oppo Support and I wander if they answer for me at all. Thanks any way.

Oppo team surprisingly quickly has answered for me. I had to reset (factory) my mobile and now it is updated straights away to A22. It was, It was full OTA file (big file 3.8 GB). I wanted to safe it but couldn't find it. Regards'
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Oct 4, 2021
OPPO Find X3 Pro
What the fu.. is going on? I am on A17 so far it seems it is not going to change. My version is EU but I live in AU. What I supposed to do to get the updates?

Hey, I have the Eu version bought in Germany. I use the free PrivadoVPN app to connect to the french server. Once connected I go to settings / software update and normally it shows me the available update after a few seconds. Then I disconnect the VPN and start to download the update. Maybe it helps you
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May 1, 2017
A.24 available for global version

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May 21, 2015
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So I had to send my X3 Pro off the get repaired a couple of weeks ago. I just got an update from the EE repair center saying they're just gonna give me a new one. The repair report also states that the new until has been updates to the latest software, I wonder if I'll be pleasantly surprised, I doubt it though lol.

Ordered a Loca Glue screen protector in advance as well and a tempered glass for the cameras lol.

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    Hi, downloaded A.24 update, using Netherland in ExpressVPN :) here in Austria ...
    Installing right now ...

    Name: CPH2173_11_A.24, Size: 3,69 GB, Date 2021.10.18

    Thanks @Lizzo for the hint using VPN Netherland

    Unfortunately it also says this:

    If you roll your version back from Android 12 to Android 11, all user data will be erased. Make sure your data has been backed up before the rollback.

    So i guess I'll wait for the international beta version
    Last resort? No clue if it works, or if it resets everything too, but you could try this.

    "5. If you have a poor experience when using the ColorOS 12 system, you can follow the WeChat official account of the ColorOS Assistant, enter the menu bar-Official Information-OS12-Downgrade Tool, and download the downgrade package."
    do you have the CN version or the EU?
    South East Asian one.
    Just updated, looks and feels better compared to ColorOS 11.
    Guys ,can you please Share the vpn app that you are using?
    To request taking part in the beta program you go to Software updates/Settings/Trial. Only if there it shows something you can press on it and confirm that you want to take part in the beta.
    View attachment 5467461

    After they approved this was shown there:
    View attachment 5467463

    Tried this with and without vpn connectons, and no lucky for me.
    I will keep waiting.
    Thanks for the help.
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    New versions A17 available:

    Update log

    Improves system smoothness and stability

    Improves the phone call experience and network compatibility and performance

    Improves the audio experience

    Updates apps including Photos, Calendar, Calculator, File Manager and Clock

    Adds the May 2021 Android security patches to enhance system security.

    best brightest, and smoothest display I've seen ... Software, MIUI remains one of the most natural feeling, after last update there wa no issue with mi 11.
    I had issues with M11 ultra, call quality was bad. Camera quality was nowhere near as good as advertised. Especially when exporting to another device. Software a little hit and miss.
    Screen was the best but everything else was a little underwhelming.
    Do not understand the procedure of OPPO 🤨🙄
    The procedure is veryyyy simple - there are many global versions :)

    To give you more details and order of receiving updates:
    1. chinese version (gets updates quickly)
    2. global version with Oppo dialer/Oppo Messaging app/App Market + GAPPS
    3. global version with Google dialer and messaging app
    4. global but branded versions

    Ofc above list does not contain all "global" versions. There are differences between them like some additional apps depending on the region.

    Thats why everyone posting here screenshots gets update with different size in MB.
    Yours is 168 MB, mine was almost 300 MB 😂
    A20 on mine today