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Mar 15, 2016
Getting ridiculous now. :-(
The real problem is that the X3 Pro is a really great phone. So they are killing this aspect. They are offering a really bad software support on one of the best device of 2021.
As I previously said, they used a flagship hardware, flagship UI, with a flagship price, but with a lower-end device software support.
If the starting prince of this phone was 500 I was more than happy to receive the update later, because was the right compromise, but phone like Samsung midrange, but also Oppo midrange are already getting the updates.


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Dec 29, 2021
so.......i am now actually getting the january security patch for my find x2 find x3 pro still has to wait, i guess...hahaha. Amazing
Then, if someone says that Oppo makes a mess, some users get annoyed. Until yesterday they didn't even know that oppo existed, now they know everything. Obviously glad for you that they have updated the security patches on X2 pro.


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Dec 29, 2021
Anyway, the Oppo support wrote me again saying that they wanted to check the IMEI and FW version (screen shot of baseband and kernel) of both phones to perform a technical report. According to them , had to be updated already because(according Imei numbers) they were produced in April 2021. They will write again for news....
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    Now vpn Belgium😁
    Got c60 in italy too with VPN Belgium! (y)
    I just got the c.60 update in Germany without vpn.
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    👍 I may return with future update news going forward for those who would welcome it, but meh... If I do, I'm not correcting heresay or stupid, I'm not going to dignify petulant rants with a response.
    My source is not just a customer service rep or a Twitter bot, it's from the team developing these updates.
    I forgot how tedious it was to be part of the tech community.
    New firmware update

    I find it really amazing how much one or the other complains and complains as if their life depends on this update. Constructive criticism makes sense, but switching this talk to another manufacturer is annoying. Just do it and keep quiet because nobody wants to know.
    Well people have the freedom to express their views, experiences and compare to other manufacturers.

    It's not the end of the world no, however it's also not acceptable when A. Said company says they will deliver a patch/security patch each month for their flagship only to drop the ball neigh on immediately and make cr*p excuses as to why and B. When they are lagging behind other manufacturers I mean Sony & Samsung have gotten theirs out to flagships and mid range phones.

    Yet here some of us are 2 months+ out of date.

    I complain a lot because I paid a LOT for the phone and those updates were promised until it magically disappeared and that effected the decision making for the purchase.

    I use my handset for everything including my workplace (I work in IT) and due to the data we store/access the devices local storage need to be encrypted as well as being up to date on Security patched too, not 2, 3, 4 months out of date :/ .

    That's why I'm vocal about it, I don't and didn't need to explain myself but chose to so I don't come across as being one of these uncompramising, keyboard warriors 😂.

    But at the end of the day I've paid a lot for the device, part of the marketing/site info was clearly not true and that would have potentially Influenced that, same with them also disappearing the LTPO part of the Screen section 😅.

    Ontop of that I'm expecting these patches to fix known bugs and irritating issues, but in the meantime having to just deal with them.

    I do really like the phone the camera's are amazing next to none! UI feels great, feature set is great along with the charging speeds and how nice the Phone feels and looks physically.

    So it's a shame that they are dropping the ball and just vaguely saying eventually it will come when other manufacturers are already there.

    They want to charge a premium and compete with other premium manufacturers like Samsung etc then they need to be justifying and earning that premium cash, competing on all fronts including software development, patches and OS updates.
    So what you're saying is that the OTA files exist and Oppo doesn't want anyone getting their hands on it? Btw would you be able to post the full file name by any chance I may have an Idea thanks
    File is CPH2173_11_C_OTA_1410_all_ad8023_10001010

    What I am saying is this version is in testing. As you will see the number is quite ahead of the version that's gone live in other markets. It may fail testing and require another build.

    I would be breaking the terms of my employment by sharing so I don't want to share until official. As soon as I get the go ahead will share google drive link here.
    I'm back with some vague news.
    The rollout is / was delayed due to "stability issues" & GUI needed some minor tweaks.
    Apparently areas of Guangdong / Shenzhen have been put into rolling lockdowns recently that may further hamper their progress.
    Was unable to get any clarification on what this means in an ETA for us, but I've been assured it's a number 1 priority.