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Firmware Update

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Oct 17, 2011
It´s ALIVE!!!
I was so hopeless with that .kdz update, several errors and never work then whole phone stop booting, only black screen and computer says phone is can´t detected probely or something...
But 1 more try and it made all 100% and now running 2.3.
All I can say after first few seconds: "HOLLY SH*T THIS IS FAST!"


Senior Member
Dec 8, 2007
No update yet in Holland through the LG updater so I just kdz flashed to V20a and damn, that's one fast rom :D Definitely worth the wait!! Rebooted a couple of times to check for boot loops and stuff but it's as stable as expected.

OneClick rooted straight away, no problems there as well. Working like a charm.


Senior Member
May 29, 2007
Adixtra hope you dont mind me asking as you are clearly well schooled ;)

You have modified the S_loopy_smoothness_tweak.sh tweak as well as posted the 77sdcardspeedfix.sh for increased sd write speeds.

My question is on acura ROMS as well as others they achieve massive I/O database writes compared to stock, are they achieving this through increasing the SD write cache to 2048 or incorporating your scripts in some way? As I dont see the S_loopy_smoothness_tweak.sh or 77sdcardspeedfix.sh in any of their ROMS

The reason I ask is that I have have installed the V21A 15 NOV and flashed the acura V2.1 boot on top of stock it works well and I have OC of 1180 once I transferred the following /system/lib/modules/symsearch.ko /system/lib/modules/opperator.ko

When I run a quadrant it sticks on I/O database writes which other ROMS seems to fly though are you aware of how this is achieved? Is it through ZIP allignment and deodexing the ROM?



Senior Member
Oct 16, 2008
Quadrant is not good to benchmarking new devices.
Massive I/O databases are only working in quadrant, but in real usage it does not improve the performance.
There are the tricks when the quadrant score is higest
like delete libGLES_android.so from system/lib/egl
plug phone to usb when benchmarking
I/O tweaks
If you have V6 supercharger then it gives beterresults and better performance in every day usage.
I think the sd cache is tweaked in acura rom.


New member
Dec 13, 2010
Still no official update for Turkey... :(

I just do not want to void warranty - so not installing from kdz file.

How hard can it be to publish the rom for other countries... :confused:

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    Hi all,
    Just a heads up, click on your ota update button and there is a present for you, fully charged battery is must, 15 mins to install.

    Andriod version 2.2.2

    Software version V10d

    Date 8th July


    Please post your findings and happy downloading used 25% of my fully charged battery to complete.
    ThiaiZO3D V1.2 is going to be out on a few hours.Based on the new V10J with 3D converter.
    hi new here fisrt post and like u im angry for not having gingerbread already so i emailed lg. i was more angry with there response, mainly cause they cant spell enquiry!!!

    [/COLOR]can CM not just develop a working gongerbread or ics amd them just incorpprate the 3d features? im no dev but i mean how hard is it? really ?

    Oh the irony :D
    Thats true is it easy to remove and then try again
    Follow this guys vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqC5qw6WRaY&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    and enter recovery after if you get a time limit error you will know when you get it and do a syster recovery to boot in to recovery (vol- and Power and maybe 3D button as well if the other buttons don't work)