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First full review, check it out...

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Senior Member
Aug 31, 2008
OnePlus 8T
Is it possible to rename thread, all the reviews, or something like that. ? Be nice to have all the reviews in one thread.

Agree, someone need to create a mega thread if not created called "ONEPLUS 5 REVIEW MEGA THREAD" and delete other similar thread please

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Believe me or not at some extent I don't believe on all what said on review website after all this is all business and not charity people, many website are getting huge amount of money from company to make other company's product (or their own product) look better or worst, small issue they can make it big or small. it's up to you to what extend you believe on them

But for sure I not paid by anyone nor a reviewer, I am having Galaxy S7 and Sony A6000 DSLR camera with 30mm Sigma F1.6 lens so as soon as I get my OP5 I will publish pics from all my devices for you to compare. :)

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I am still waiting DxO mark to say something about OP5, but I don't think OP5 will be in top 5 slot, without OIS and small pixel size sensor