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First thing I'm gonna do when I get my Galaxy S III is...


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Oct 29, 2010
overclock that monster CPU? For which reason if it's just Blazing fast and no lagg at all ? Just to consume more battery?:confused:
the first thing i will do is using browser and see how beautifull is surfing web with this incredible device :D
Firstly, it's mainly just out of curiosity, I just want to see how far me device can go. Also, take my SGS2 for example, stock 1.2ghz, at the end of the day when I put it in to charge at about 9pm, I am left with about 20%+ battery. In my opinion that is useless battery life, as it is not enough to get through the next day, so it is just being wasted. So to overclock to 1.4 or 1.5ghz on my s2 to increase speed and battery life isn't an issue at all, why shouldn't I gain the extra speed? Same will hopefully apply to the SGS3 :)

I can easily get to 1.6ghz at 1375mV and it's rock stable, but I do notice a battery drain when that high. It's all about personal balance between performance, heat generated by OC'ing and battery, for me 1.5ghz is the sweet spot for all three. Also I do heavily under-volt both cpu & gpu. My GPU isn't overclocked as their isn't a game that taxes it at stock, but it's nice knowing I can OC the GPU perfectly stably & safely to 400mhz from 267mhz and get a sizable performance boost, if I ever need it in the future. :)
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