[Fix added] [HOW TO] [UPDATED] Install Android apps on Windows 10 Mobile

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Jul 25, 2010
If anyone is still on the Lumia 810 and is wondering if this works or not, it doesn't. Error code 14.


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Sep 15, 2015
camera support

i've installed the instagram app from the google play store but it says: cannot connect to camer
same by snapchatt
how can i solve this problem
lumia 640 xl build 10240
sorry for my bad english

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Any chance for 640 xl???????
yess there is
it works really stable


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Jun 15, 2009
Can some check if the two apps below works well? Mad props to whoever can try this. If these 2 apps works, then I can finally ditch my Android devices for the 950XL.

1. Chase Mobile Banking App
2. Robinhood (Stock Trading) App

Thank you very much!

Opus Dei

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May 8, 2011
Wth is wrong with Build 10166 ...Its stuck, its freeze, I cant install anything from store, don't responding....ets.
This is total disaster. The most badness for now. Guys am i only one?

I'm back to 10581.
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Jun 14, 2010
You cannot just convert apk to appx. You need to modify the source code and build it for the new platform. And the results depends very much on how the initial Android app was written, if the dev followed the best-practices than it would be enough to modify several lines of code and build it for W10. But that's a developer's job. If you really want it, check out MS guides and do it yourself :D


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Dec 17, 2013
it would be easier if there was a way to convert apk to appx and then send it directly to phone using phone's web interface...
I found a site (apkpure) that claims to convert it, but it didn't work too.

no, I found a Chinese site that converts APK to APPX, but you need Astoria enabled and functioned in order to install that APPX
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    Before you start, keep in mind that this may damage your device. I wouldn’t recommend trying this, but if you really want to, you can feel free to do so at your own risk.

    Here is the list of supported devices:
    •Nokia Lumia 920
    •Nokia Lumia 925
    •Nokia Lumia 929 (icon)
    •Nokia Lumia 830
    •Nokia Lumia 930
    •Nokia Lumia 1520
    •Nokia Lumia 635 (1GB RAM variant)
    •Nokia Lumia 730
    •Nokia Lumia 820
    •Nokia Lumia 435
    •Nokia Lumia 928

    A. If you have one of the above devices, you are ready to go!​
    Method 1(older, harder, but still functional)
    1. Download both files from here.
    2. Unzip both of the files on the folder
    3. Open the folder wconnect, then install IpOverUsbInstaller.msi and vcredist_x86.exe
    4. Go to your Windows 10 Mobile’s Settings page, then head over to Update & Security > For Developers and enable Developers Mode, as well as Device Discovery
    5. Now go to the extracted wconnect folder, then open an elevated command prompt (Shift+right click > Open command window here)
    6. After that, you’ll need to connect to the phone — and there’s two way of doing that (USB method is recommended): ◦If you want to connect using USB, type "wconnect.exe usb" and hit enter
    6.1 And if you want to connect over Wi-Fi, type wconnect.exe 192.168.xxx.xxx (replace the xxx with your network’s IP)

    7. Then it’ll ask for the pairing code, just type the pairing code and hit enter
    8. After that, navigate to the extracted adb folder and open an elevated command prompt
    9. To make sure that your device is connected, type adb devices and hit enter to show the list of devices that are connected
    10. Lastly, place the APK file that you want to install on the same directory (adb folder) and type in adb install APKNAME.apk (replace APKNAME with the APK file’s name)
    11. Just wait for it to do its thing and you should be able to install the Android app on your Windows 10 device

    Method 2 (new, noob-proof)
    1. Download the files here and extract them anywhere
    2. Install "IpOverUsbInstaller" and "vcredist_x86"
    2. Run "APKDeployment.exe"
    3. On your phone go to "Settings/Update & Security/For developers" and enable "Developer mode" and "Device discovery" then press "Pair"
    4. Connect your phone to USB, insert the code you got earlier from your phone, into APKDeployment app, then press pair. Your phone should appear as "emulator_555x on USB"
    5. Now that you're paired, you can simply drag .apk's into the application then choose to deploy all.

    Method 3 (even simpler)
    1. Download the package from here and install it.
    2. Follow app instructions.

    Method 4
    Install APKtoWin10m
    Download Windows Bridge
    On your pc go to "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\APKTOW10M\connect" then extract the "Windows bridge" contents there. When asked, replace all files.
    That's it, the tool should be fixed.
    Credits go to @alb3530.

    1. Do not disconnect the device while an apk is installing.

    2. Do not reboot while your phone has Developer Mode Activated

    C. Errors you might encounter and how to fix them.
    1. Status 9 - connection problem
    If this happens, unregister you device using "Windows Phone Developper Registration 8.1", tool provided alongside Windows Phone 8.1 SDK, or download the lite version from here.Afterwards you will be able to access Developer settings again. Or Hard reset, your choice.
    If the method above did not help, another fix is to go to device manager and uninstall these drivers [(coresponding to your device) also delete them if asked] then refresh, and let Windows reinstall them.

    2. Status 14 - device not supported
    Either your device is unsupported or you haven't installed "Developer Enhacements" update
    To install Developer enhacements update, install Windows Insider from Store and Enroll, then check phone updates. It should show up there.

    3. Developer menu crashes, wconnect app hangs
    If this happens, unregister you device using "Windows Phone Developper Registration 8.1", tool provided alongside Windows Phone 8.1 SDK, or download the lite version from here.Afterwards you will be able to access Developer settings again. Or Hard reset, your choice.

    4. Notification toggles flashing
    Just reboot, but remember to disable Developer Mode first.

    This is for newest build!

    1. After wconnect open CMD and
     adb push FILENAME /data/local/tmp
     adb shell
     chmod 644 /data/local/tmp/FILENAME if file is .apk (chmod 755 if this is busybox file, and 6755 if this is su file)
    (Ofc replace "APKNAME" too file name that you want to copy to system partition)
    2. After this go to phone file explorer, press search button and type "c" and open "Documents".
    3. Press arrow in right top for back to "C:".
    4. Now go to C:\Data\Users\DefApps\APPDATA\Local\Aow\Data\Local\Tmp and copy previously sideloaded files to
    a) C:\Data\Users\DefApps\APPDATA\Local\Aow\RootFS\system\APP if you want install apk to system partition
    b) C:\Data\Users\DefApps\APPDATA\Local\Aow\RootFS\system\BIN if you want install binares
    4. Reboot phone.

    Sorry for my bad english. I just want to help
    Use this tool to patch apps with google play services and install them on your phone........ Have Fun

    If you can edit build.prop, GPS can run smoothly. I tried, but nothing :/ It's impossible for now.

    Ok, i have working Google Play Services and obv Google Play Store too :)
    Guys, this project is dead. The OP hasn't been online for 3 months, and Microsoft have pulled Astoria from the latest Win 10 builds..

    I shall close this thread to avoid any confusion or causing issues with devices. OP can contact me if he wants it opened again :)