[FIX] Fingerprint Gestures on Redmi Note 7


Senior Member
Sep 25, 2019
Of the five phones I've owned recently with rear fingerprint sensors (Honor 7X, Honor 8X, Samsung S9, Google Pixel 3a, Redmi Note 7), the only one which doesn't natively support fingerprint gestures is the Redmi Note 7.

Therefore, I can't swipe down or up on the fingerprint sensor on the Redmi Note 7 to expand or collapse the notification shade the way I can on the other phones. This is a major annoyance for me since I use the notification shade often when I'm using a phone one-handed, and the rear fingerprint sensor is so convenient for this purpose.

So I tried about a dozen different apps on the Play Store until I found one that did exactly what I wanted, and it's free. It's called Keyboard/Button Mapper.


It's not so easy to figure out at first, so I can post instructions if anyone needs help. In summary, however, you would create two new keymaps with the following mappings:

Trigger: <swipe down>
Action: Expand Notification Drawer

Trigger: <swipe up>
Action: Collapse Status Bar

With this one fix, the Redmi Note 7 can be just as convenient to use one-handed as any other modern phone. Enjoy. :cool: