[FIX] Galaxy Nexus GSM low latency audio playback

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Oct 12, 2012
Hi vonVideo, can I use the fix on a Galaxy tab 10.1 with Cm9 installed?

Wanna use caustic 2, but the current latency is pretty annoying....


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    In my opinion one of the main flaws of the Android ICS OS the big audio playback latency - about 88 ms. This impacts negatively many applications that emulate musical instruments and the ones that do VOIP like Skype or Google Talk. For VOIP apps the audio lag also has a negative impact on acoustic echo cancellation - probably the most difficult feature to implement on an Android phone. In spite of many user protests and requests apparently Google has chosen not to do anything about it.

    This is a similar thread to the one started by "Windows X":
    but the solution is applicable to the Google Galaxy Nexus GSM phone ( or with custom ROMs based on ICS 4.0.4 GSM (maguro))

    The attached package should be used only by experienced users that can eventually restore their system to the original state. I tested it only on ICS 4.0.4 GSM phone build IMM76I (maguro). In this configuration it worked flawlessly as far as I could test it. Other successful testing reports coming for CM9 Nightly Builds, AOKP and rascream maguro ROMs.
    The latency after aplying it should be about 20 ms - as reported by the "Caustic 2" app.

    Change log:
    Original package replaced by "lowlatsnd_inst.zip"
    To restore to original state you may use "lowlatsnd_rest.zip" or other restore methods if necessary.

    Status: stable
    Note: applying this might reverse changes made in other mods.
    Any chance of a similar fix for JB to improve latency now that it's out?

    For Jelly Bean I created a new thread:
    hi vonVideo, do you think this patch can impact built-in voip client latency too?

    Thanks and great idea
    Yes, this will positively impact the pre-installed Google Talk, as well as Skype and any other VOIP apps.
    The extra 68-69 ms latency at playback is quite annoying at the moment...
    Make a nandroid and find out.

    Works on CM9 :D
    For anybody who has flashed the Jelly Bean update: has this bug been fixed?

    EDIT: We're getting confirmation that it is indeed been fixed to a degree:

    It looks like they've finally addressed the long standing audio latency issue in Android. I was watching the Android Fireside Chat and they mentioned that audio latency on the Galaxy Nexus, running on Jelly bean, has been reduced from 100ms to 12ms. But, they're still not satisfied as they want to reduce it to below 10ms. So it looks like some of those iOS music apps which are heavily reliant on low audio latency targets may finally be coming to Android.