[FIX][ICS]Bluesleep Fix for all ICS Roms (Enable Deep Sleep!!)

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Apr 13, 2011
Big Stoned Gap, VA
Working Good So Far

Been about a week and everything is well. Battery seems to last a little bit more. One minor bug I have found is now after fix only power button wakes phone. The Menu,Camera,Back, Hone and Volume no longer wakes the device. This is a pro and con.

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    Hello all!!! This is a Mod that will fix the Bluesleep issue seen on our current Cyanogen Mod 9 build and all ICS Based Roms.

    What is Bluesleep you ask?
    Bluesleep is a wakelock that is an error on part of the Bluetooth System missing a few binaries. Even if you have bluetooth disabled, you will be affected by this bug!!!

    Ok, so how does Bluesleep affect us?
    Bluesleep is a wakelock. Wakelocks prevent your system from going into Deep Sleep. From my testing, this is the ONLY wakelock that is still prevalent on our system.

    Why did this bug occur?
    Normally, an ICS kernel would take care of all of this. But due to us still having a Gingerbread kernel, we still need these binaries.

    What are the benefits from flashing this?
    Oh, only BETTER BATTERY LIFE! As of now, our phone sits at an idle state of 216Mhz. By flashing this, it enables Deep Sleep, which saves a substantial amount of Battery Life when your phone isn't in use.

    Sounds great, but there's got to be a catch.
    From my testing, there are no bugs introduced from this fix.

    Wait, how thoroughly was this tested??
    It was tested for a solid day of good use on MIUI.
    It was (sadly) only tested for a few hours on CM9, however my phone did reach Deep Sleep.

    SIGN ME UP!!
    Download Link

    • YOU MUST BE ON AN ICS ROM! (CM9, AOKP, Paranoid Android or MIUI)
    • Boot into BSR
    • Flash the bluesleep.zip
    • No need to wipe Data or Cache

    Credit goes to olegfusion and Th3Bill for their findings!! All I did was package it and make the flashable script.
    I can confirm the issue with CM7/9. I have the binaries in my build environment, but they are not copied to the ROMs' output directory during the build process. I will update my sources to fix this issue and the binaries will be included in the upcoming releases.

    Sounds good man!