[FIX] Wireless N on Evo 4.24.651.1 and 4.53.651.1 ROM


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Dec 17, 2010
As many of you know, wireless N support was removed in all the GB updates for the Evo (both the 4.22 and 4.24 stock ROMs lack Wireless N support). The newest OTA, 4.53, also lacks wireless n support.

Luckily, xHausx has kindly modified the stock driver to include N support. He provided me a copy of the driver and I turned it into a flashable zip.

This zip has been tested by me on the stock 4.24 deodexed ROM provided by xHausx available here. It should work on odexed version as well as any other 4.24 based ROM (like Fresh EVO 4.2 etc.). The 4.53 zip has been tested on the stock OTA 4.53 available here.

For 4.53 ROMs, please use the zips labeled with 4.53 instead of 4.24. The 4.53 zips have been kindly provided by ca1ne.


----Method 1: Flashing the zip----
-Turn off wifi.
-Reboot into recovery.
-Flash the zip '4.24 WiFi N fix-signed.zip' or '4.53 Wifi N signed.zip' provided below. If you use Clockwork 3/5 Recovery, it does not support amend scripting. You will need to use the edify version instead. Simply download '4.24_WiFi_N_fix_Edify_2011_0713_signed.zip', provided courtesy of Smurph82**. The 4.53 should work with Clockwork 3/5 Recovery. The zip will wipe cache and dalvik cache, so the initial boot will take a few minutes longer. Be patient.*

----Method 2: Manually replacing the driver----
This method is for those that do not want to flash a zip or cannot get the zip to flash.
-Download and extract the right zip file for your ROM. All 4.24 zips and 4.53 zips are labeled as such. Either zip should give you a 'bcm4329.ko' file.
-Move the 'bcm4329.ko' file to SD card on your Evo.
-Disable wifi.
-Open Root explorer (or similar file utility with system partition capabilities)
-Navigate to '/system/lib/modules'
-(Optional) Rename 'bcm4329.ko' to 'bcm4329.ko.bak'.
-Now move the downloaded 'bcm4329.ko' from your SD card to '/system/lib/modules'.
-Change the permission of 'bcm4329.ko' to 'rw-r--r--'. It should match the permission of all the other files in the folder.
-Reboot to recovery.
-Wipe dalvik cache and cache.*

*I'm not sure wiping the caches is absolutely necessary, but do it just in case to prevent any problems.

**The edify version should work now. Thanks for the help, Smurph82.


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Dec 17, 2010
----Compatible ROMs----
This fix has been confirmed as working on the following ROMs:
-Stock 4.24 ROM deodexed (linked to above)
-Stock 4.53 ROM deodexed (linked to above)
-Synergy RC1
-Fresh Evo 4.2

*I'm going to stop updating this list as most ROM chefs are baking this fix into their ROMs. If your ROM does include this fix and this fix works on that ROM, please reply to this thread or PM me with the name and version of the ROM and I will add it to this list.

What will this fix work on?
This fix is for 4.24 or 4.53 sense based ROMs only using the HTC #1 kernel. The driver is kernel specfic. If you or your ROM uses a custom kernel, do NOT flash this. It will break your wifi. Most custom kernels like Freedom already include wifi n support.

I have CM7, MIUI, or some random ASOP ROM. Will this fix work on those ROMs?
It will NOT work on CM7/ASOP ROMs at all. Do NOT flash this onto a non-sense ROM. CM7 already has Wifi N support build into the ROM. Flashing this on an ASOP will break wifi on that ROM and who knows what else.

I tested my internet speeds using the speedtest.net app (or similar). My speed hasn't changed after this fix. Why?
Speedtest (and similar) tests your WAN speed; basically how fast your internet connection is. The only way to increase your internet speed is to call up your ISP and upgrade your internet package. Now some of you lucky bastards might have FIOS or Comcast DOCSIS 3.0 in which case your WAN speed is higher than the max speeds possible on Wireless G. In this specific case, your speedtest should be faster on your phone after this fix since wireless n has faster possible throughput.

If this fix doesn't increase my internet speed like you said above, why should I use it?
This fix allows you to use your Evo on a wireless n network. This has many advantages. First, wireless n allows a much faster wireless LAN connection. A faster LAN connection allows you to sync files, musics, videos etc. with your other computers faster. Second, Wireless N supports a greater ranger and you can move further away from your router while still maintaining a connection. Third, any g device you add onto your wireless network will slow down all other connections (including other n devices) to g-speeds. By allowing the Evo to connect on wireless n, your Evo no longer will slow down the wireless connections of other wireless n devices.

For me, the Evo was my only g-only device. Once I had wireless n support on it. I could and did set my router to Greenfield 802.11n-only mode (though if you have other g-only devices you can't). This allows you to get the fastest possible speeds on your wireless LAN or the greatest range (though not both).

I have a dual band router. My Evo cannot connect on the 5 GHZ band wireless n. Why not?
The Broadcom chip inside the Evo does not support the 5 GHZ band. Please use the 2.4 GHZ band for wireless N.

Does this affect battery life?
No. What wireless mode the Broadcom chip is running in does not affect the power drain in any meaningful or noticeable way. Only turning on/off the wifi cheap altogether will affect battery life.
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Dec 30, 2010
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How can you tell if your connected @ N speed? I've never been able to figure that out.
Wireless G speed is 54Mbps. If you get faster than that then it is N speed. It depends on the settings of the router and the type of wifi card with how fast of a connection you will get. I set my router to N only and I get 65 Mbps.
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Dec 17, 2008
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Wireless G speed is 54Mbps. If you get faster than that then it is N speed. It depends on the settings of the router and the type of wifi card with how fast of a connection you will get. I set my router to N only and I get 65 Mbps.
My connection is like 20 Mb, so I don't even get up to those speeds, should I unplug the router from the modem and test it? I have my router set up for N,


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Dec 17, 2010
This fix is for 4.24 sense based ROMs only.

It will NOT work on CM7/ASOP ROMs at all. Do NOT flash this onto a non-sense ROM. If I recall correctly, CM7 should already have Wifi N support build into the ROM. (Let me know if this isn't the case and I will look into it.)

I will update the first post to clarify this.

Wireless N support is easy to test. Simply set your router 802.11n only mode (also called Greenfield mode on some routers). If you can connect, you're good. What speed you get does not necessarily reflect the type of wifi used.

Keep in mind the Evo's hardware does NOT support 5ghz 802.11n, only 2.4 ghz. Make sure to use the 2.4ghz band on dual band routers.


May 20, 2011
Yeah not sure why no one reads but its for sense roms only, im running decks 1.2 aosp rom and highest speed i have had is 65mbps with my N router, so its implemented in that rom

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Jul 5, 2010
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The wifi modules are paired with the kernel so it's very specific about what it will and will not work with. For this to work you'll only want to use it with the HTC #1 kernel, using it with any other one will break your wifi and you'll have to reflash the kernel to fix it.