How To Guide Fixed netflix is not compatible with this device

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Oct 17, 2018
Downloaded the latest Rescue and Smart Assistant (LMSA) from here .
Tablet not connected, launched LMSA, logged into Lenovo account, selected Tablet Rescue, selected my tablet; downloaded the latest firmware.
I entered FFBM mode on the tablet, aka Diag 901D, corrected the region-lock to 00 and erased the country (filled in with zeros) These are items 6858 and 2947, I overwrote them using NV-items_reader_writer. I needed this so that the global could be loaded after ZUI, the country was erased for the purity of the experiment.
Turned off the tablet, launched it in QDLoader 9008 mode, connected it to the computer, launched the firmware through Salvation.
I waited for the end of the firmware and loading the tablet on the initial setup screen (language selection). Turned off the tablet.
I launched the tablet in fastboot mode (aka bootloader), launched the command line from the adb folder, commanded fastboot flashing lock . On the screen of the tablet confirmed the bootloader.
I rebooted the tablet, went through the initial setup to a minimum. Then connected to Wi-Fi, logged into Google account. After updating Google services and applications, I looked at the certification (no) and checked Netflix and widevine - also no.
I typed in Settings in the search ####6030#, turned on Russia, I wanted EEA, but they said that there is no such thing for Russia

Rebooted, the tablet was reset, the initial setup again, Google again and checking for vulnerabilities - there is none.
I typed in Settings in the search for ####6030#, turned on GB and EEA for it, rebooted.

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