[Fixed] Repair IMEI and fix deleted EFS folder for Note10+ N975F

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Hi guys,

My license for chimera tool has expired and i had my phone up and running but i was foolish and in flashing twrp afterwards i have lost the patch on the certificate. HAS ANYONE PLEASE got a working chimera account they could let me log in with and just quickly patch my certificate again? If you could private message me i can even give you some money?? Thanks in advance


Oct 27, 2020
i have root problem when restarting device

i have maked patchcert to my device when i restart if there is no root i dont event have signal

i dont want to hold the side buttons .


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Nov 2, 2020
Bought a cheap ex-demo model anyone can help me . I've managed to flash via oden the original software but since before there was no imei shown .
Now all other functions work except sim card (no imei ) is there any way to make this work ?
Bought a cheap ex-demo model anyone can help me . I've managed to flash via oden the original software but since before there was no imei shown .
Now all other functions work except sim card (no imei ) is there any way to make this work ?
If you get chimera tool you can do imei repair and either replace the imei or restore the factory one, then you can patch the certificate and make it work. You will have to pay for chimera tool though


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May 31, 2012
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Jan 18, 2010
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Aug 10, 2014
Anyone willing to share their chimera password for 7 month of netflix? That's the only thing i can offer and i'm in the dire need of this software and can't really afford it.


Oct 7, 2010
Oops Nice
But one problem...
I cannot Uninstall Magisk Completely from device !
The icon will be back as soon as OS reboots ( with method 1 rooting )

another uninstalling is installing magisk with autoroot with chimera that leads to bootloop
what's the problem sir ?


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Jan 30, 2016
Hello, for 69.9 € can you Patch Certificate s9 plus?
Root your S9 plus and try Samsung pro tool Z3x box cracked version
I have a licence.
Good luck
edit : repair imei and patch certificate ,just for version G965F and G965N


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Apr 1, 2016
Root your S9 plus and try Samsung pro tool Z3x box cracked version
I have a licence.
Good luck
edit : repair imei and patch certificate ,just for version G965F and G965N
hello i bought a license chimera rebuilt s9 plus. does not work now s10 plus I can not get root from magick (help root s 10 plus stock firmware
Wouldn't it be easier and more effective, and additionally for free, to simply download the latest firmware for your model using the SamFirm pc app/ Samsung firmware website (there is plenty of them)? Then just run with admin priviliges latest Odin -> phone in Download mode -> flash BL, AP, CP, and CSC = problem solved in 99% cases. The phone is back to factory condition and you can play with Custom Roms and other modifications again. When you reinstall the latest / bl modem and a new rom, I recommend that you backup each system partition using TWRP or another tool (EFS, additionally Vendor, etc.). Then when the problem reappears, and it's almost certain if you like to play with phone modding, you just need to do a quick EFS / Vendor partition recovery etc. using e.g. TWRP and problem fixed in 3 minutes.

By the way, I would like to add that I had a problem with Imei on my G960F once. I don't remember exactly, but it was a period when I tested various custom roms. I remember that flashing a new complete stock firmware did not solve the problem and I almost gave up. Many days later I decided to install some ported rom, in my case it was probably some version of Alexis Rom OneUI port Android 9/10. Ofc its just an example based on my Samsung model, try to find similiar soft for your phone, it is important that this type of soft is a large package of software with the latest security patch implemented, modem, a lot of tweaks, modifications that when uploading the software outside of Android, strongly interfere with our partitions, which in my case happily restored the phone to normal somehow. After its installation, Imei magically was restored and the phone was fully functional again. I think it's worth a try for a price of your extra time only.

Good luck guys! Cheers


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Sep 29, 2021
Hello everyone, I have a Galaxy Not3 Plus and Galaxy Note they were Demo phones. I have flashed them to normal firmware but I dont have imei and baseband. would anyone be able to help me with a donor EFS image for these?

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    Hi bros

    First of all I am not a developer, the EFS folder of my Note10+ was deleted by mistake and I lost my IMEI numbers, after a lot of concern, researches and tests I fixed my Note10+ and I want to share my very hard and bad experience maybe someone will need it, so I will not be able to assist you or answer any technical questions and I am not responsible if your device is damaged, If my article violates the forum's terms and conditions, please admins accept my apologies, I want only to help people.

    This guide ONLY to repair the ORIGINAL Samsung Note10+ N975F using the ORIGINAL IMEI NUMBERS, the tool not support changing the IMEI.

    Your Note10+ must/will be rooted and you will lose your warranty and some Samsung services.

    This is how I fixed my Note10+:
    1- I found a repair tool which support N975F and will not need a box, the tool called ChimeraTool.
    2- Bootloader must be unlocked which in my case was already because I lost the EFS folder while rooting the device.
    3- Enable USB debugging from the developers options, from your PC open ChimeraTool and connect your Note10+.
    4- Repair your IMEI from ChimeraTool ----> Repair -----> Repair and type your IMEI numbers. (here you will see your IMEI numbers in "About Phone" but you can't make calls, you need to install some certificates)
    5- Root your Note10+ using this guide by @dr.ketan https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-10+/how-to/guide-how-to-root-note-10-t3960031
    6- Go back to ChimeraTool ----> Repair -----> Patch certificates.

    Enjoy ;) ;) ;)

    Please Note:
    1- Read the root guide carefully, specially:
    (Powering up normally) → (System with NO Magisk)
    (OEM Recovery Key Combo) → (Splash screen) → (Release all buttons) → (System with Magisk)
    (OEM Recovery Key Combo) → (Splash screen) → (Keep pressing volume up) → (Actual recovery)

    2- The fix take from me 2 tries, first try and after I finished fixing the problem and started to install my apps to start using my Note10+, I restart the phone but it could't boot the system, but the second try, now I used the phone for 3 days and everything gos smooth like any normal Note10+

    3- If you do a hard reset or install a new firmware using Odin you will lose the IMEI again lose the certificates so you will not able to make calls, but you will able to see IMEI numbers in the "About Phone"

    3- You can do a factory reset without losing the IMEI or certificates but If you do a factory reset from settings, you must click volume up + power buttons as soon as the phone restarted to finish the factory reset. (it looks like the system can't enter the recovery automatically because of the root).

    4- If you flash a rom using Odin you will lose the certificates and you will not able to make calls but you will able to see the IMEI numbers in "About Phone", you will need to repatch certificates using ChimeraTool.

    Best Regards

    Update 30.11.2019:

    The phone still working perfectly, I unrooted my Note10+ by uninstalled Magisk from Magisk manager, Norton antivirus telling me No risks found in my system, the phone is not rooted and no untrusted certificates ...etc, in Software update the phone telling me I have the latest version (In similar case the Note 9 was telling me my phone has a custom ROM and can't get updates) so I hope I will get official update in the future for my Note 10+.

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    Best Regards
    Thank you for your thead, I have just a question, which version did you buy to perform the procedure? The $ 12 version?

    you need a subscription for chimera and then some of the activities require purchasing also.. i got me a free year subscription but that was a hookup lol.. prior to that tho i paid for it.. just the flashing feature is worth it for someone like me whos constantly flashing.. it allows to select a whole firmware file and can pick which partitionswithin the firmware u want to flasj.. i.e u dont need to b constantly ectracting and packing stuff u want to flash
    Thank you for your thead, I have just a question, which version did you buy to perform the procedure? The $ 12 version?

    Yes my dear, I bought the 3 days License for 11.90€ (about 12$)

    Best Regards
    And the phone receive ota and upgrade?

    i have the same doubt, my galaxy s10 gives error when i search for update to android 10, i am thinking of manually installing android 10 with odin using HOME_CSC instead of CSC, that way would I lose the certificates to make calls? someone tried?


    First time I flashed EFS image from a website (Flash it then use ChimeraTool) , the phone was able to check for update, just google N975F EFS download, please be sure the U same on your phone, unfortinlay I lost the software update after testing U2 DBT firmware because I can't find U2 EFS image.

    I am working on installing the Factory Binary to fix the problem for ever, please keep eye on https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-10+/help/n975f-restarting-flashing-combination-t4063557

    Best Regards
    Exploit Patched

    I am getting unsupported modem error when I patch CERT with Chimera tool ... is there a solution for this? software version N975FXXS4CTD1

    currently there is no solution available as told by customer care Chimera. Samsung has patched the exploit used by chimera for cert patching. i am also stuck on N976BXXS6CTGA waiting for some solution.

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    if i install new software version from odin, can i lost imei and certificates again?
    or is safe ? @tarik2

    No its definitely not safe. if you install new Firmware using ODIN it will remove patched certs and install the original certs.

    ---------- Post added at 01:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:39 PM ----------

    Unsupported Modem Error in CTD1 Firmware - Any ideas ????

    unsupported firmware error occurs due to the fact that Samsung patched the exploit used by Chimera to patch IMEI Certs. No tentative timelines are available for the solution just pray and wait