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FIXED: Samsung Note 20 Black Screen OF Death But Phone Workimg Via Dex - Help Needed

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Oct 6, 2011
Happened to my Note 20U (N986B). I left to charge on 80%, came back to find the display dead, although the phone was working fine (rang when the calls came and stylus sound effects were working). I never used any third party charger or USB C cable.

After a while, the phone starting rebooting itself whenever i removed and reinserted the stylus. I tried everything on the video (attached in the thread) but unfortunately no luck. I didn't have USB C to HDMI adapter so don't know the exact behavior of the phone.

After a week, I went to the service center and got a replacement panel and as soon as the guy plugged in the new panel, the phone booted up perfectly. I am a Samsung user since galaxy S2 and have been buying their flagships each year without a miss and ended up disappointed this time.

Note: Since I bought the phone (box packed and new), I never dropped it, submerged it in water or installed any custom ROM or MOD.


Senior Member
Jun 23, 2020
It just randomly started working again after 3 days for me. I have no idea what's causing this and I'm afraid that it might happen again.
Likely it will. Intermittents are the hardest to troubleshoot.
If stock, scruntinize all 3rd party apks especially power management and launcher ones. Uninstall them.
It may be a hardware issue.


New member
Jul 13, 2021
This has happened to me twice. The first was a few months ago. Took a few days but happened to fix when I connected it to my TV via HDMI (this was about the 15th attempt, so could just be coincidence). Went again this morning. Tried everything apart from letting the battery drain.

Really peeved, I thought it was just a glitch as everything has been fine for months and now this!

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    Worked! Slapping it around and massaging it with reboot. Who knew Smack My ***** up! - The Prodigy was referring to modern phone fix'n.
    I have exactly the same issue. I was typing on whatsapp when suddenly screen get black. Notifications were ok, voice commands too. Touchscreen ok, I could use it normally when using my TV as screen with HDMI cable or with my notebook, when connected to windows or even Dex.

    I already flashed fresh stock Android R rom and my display is still dead.

    Tried to tap, slap, shake (I can her some noise next to camera module when shaking). I'm draining battery now with some apps that also vibrate phone. Display is still dead.

    I live in Manaus/Brazil and repair centers are not working until March 23 because of Sars-CoV2. And my knox is tripped. It would cost a lot If I have to replace display or even the phone, since they probably will say it's no longer covered by warranty.

    Were tou opening and closing the camera while mirroring screen? or on blind?

    It seems in your case, the display went back to normal as strange as it turned off.

    Could you please share the mentioned youtube video?

    Hope I have that lucky as well.

    Sorry for the late reply mate. The Scenario when display got back alive was.

    1. My phone was connected via HDMI to TV in Mirror mode (Not Dex Mode). I also had mouse and a keypad connected since i am using Samsung Dex pad which came with my old note 9

    I have from day 1have doubts about the stock camera app on my Note 20 Ultra. The app misbehaved from ranging to camera fail, and force closes on Android 10. That why i did below next

    2. I forced close camera app , cleared its data and then while watching on Tv
    i placed my finger on Camera icon and repeated opened it and closed it with back key.
    since the display on phone was off so i used Tv for help
    BUT physically doing the action on phone with fingers not with mouse on screen via mirroring

    3. while i was repeatedly opening and closing app by touching the display with finger suddenly i saw camera app asking me for location tags pop up on display and from that time onward there has been no issue and the display is working as nothing wrong happened.

    I wish and hope you have resolved issue by now. Please do share your experience for others . since when i had this issue, i found very less information about it. but i saw around 15 to 20 users having such issues especially with Note 20.

    Conclusion what i have understood is either its some issue with Note 20 Ultras Camera Firmware or THe Electjet 45W Charger the culprit which i bought for my Tab S7 and was using to also charge my Note 20 Ultra. I have stopped using this charger for my phone and tab and since that day only using 25W OEM charger which came with the phone. I have now this 45w Electjet charger connected via Samsung dexpad which caps its charging speed to 15W.

    Here is the link of the video. and i tried all things mentioned and then after exact 24 hours
    the display came alive back when doing activities i mentioned above. and i have no link with the guy or channel who posted this video. I was just trying everything to bring life to my dead display .

    PS: i had only 5 percent belief in this video . i dont know what worked
    i had prepared my mind for the300$ plus panel display replacement.
    i just read two recent more comments which state they got their phone working back.
    Do read the comments posted as there might be some more clarity of things to try.

    (Please Apply reasonable pressure on screen when trying these actions as you might break the Display)
    Have you tried a hard reset?
    Hold down the power button for like 30 seconds it should reboot
    After around 24 hours ...😇:eek::eek:

    of soft reseting , stock firmware 11 install . and slapping and tapping and massaging, connecting to tv via hdmi in mirror and dex mode. my phone was in black screen of death.

    everything was working. but no display. i can say that becauee in dex mode i used phome dsplay touchscreen and even spen was Workiing but no display.

    last thing i was doing when display came back to life after tapping slapping soft reboots i was opening camera app and closimg and opening it multiple times. and i saw at same time display gettimg back.

    when i saw a video on youtube telling to do above steps. i thought man he is joking. but literally something out of above worked

    So i pray 🙏 you dont get this dreadful encounter. it just saved me $400 of screen replacment which i had made up my mind on. and i coildnt go today because it was Sunday.

    if this happens to you do try this before a repair
    I'm here literally in tears, my keyboard wet typing this because the video actual "Fixed" my phone. I don't know if its a long term fix or just temporary but after 24hrs of a black screen its good to have back a working $1400 phone.

    So if this happened to you, dont be skeptical and just try the steps. Last resort is to bring it to a technician or Samsung but definitely try this before.