Question Flash another rom on demo unit ? (multimedia use)

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Sep 9, 2012
I'm looking into buying a S21 Ultra or S21+ Live Demo unit for multimedia use only, the seller told me there is no software support since may 2021, is it possible to flash the rom of a "normal" variant to get the latest update ?
Thanks you a lot


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Standard international, up to date rom, can be flashed using odin on these device :)
Expect some issues. If you are looking for multimedia, remember when you do any unofficial mods to any Samsung phone. You will lose HD Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.etc. Unofficial mods dumps Google's Widevine keys. If it's not very cheap then normal S21U stay away from it. If it's like half price, It looks like a deal.

But as myself, if I was planning to buy demo unit I probably choose OnePlus or Xiaomi because they are more easily modable.