Flash official ROM problem "Check Fail DEVICE:13, BINARY:12 pit flash binary"

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Dec 23, 2012
Hey Guys,
I'm attempting to flash the latest available version of S10+ (SM-G975F) software but get this error message "SW REV. CHECK FAIL (BOOTLOADER) DEVICE: 13, BINARY 12 pit_flash_binary - Unsupported Version." After a quick Google I learnt that it is due to attempting to flash older firmware than was on the device. However I'm using what appears to be the newest available firmware which I downloaded from Frija but checking other sources such as Sammobile it seems to be the latest available everywhere
Edit: I should add the version is called "G975FXXSEFUJ2/G975FOXMEFUJ4/G975FXXSEFUJ2"
Any help is much appreciated, thanks


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