Flash/update files for TCL ES560/S6500/S5300

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Oct 9, 2013
Seemse V391 (RT41) appear as auto update in S.America.
Please, who has this update, post Product info (Contact us) page pic...


Sep 4, 2016
I re-uploaded the rooted download mode packages. From now on, download them from here. (R609 is the latest version.)


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Oct 9, 2013
Hi guys,
From S.America (Brazil, Argentina and others...)
What is latest network OTA auto update firmware version (V3xx) ?
No manual update....


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Jan 5, 2023
Oi, pessoal,
Da América do Sul (Brasil, Argentina e outros...)
Qual é a versão mais recente do firmware de atualização automática OTA da rede (V3xx)?
Manual sem atualização...
Brasil última atualização OTA 367

Mod translation: Brazil latest update OTA 367
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    T221T01 Platform .....,A3+, A5+, A7, S6200, S65+
    V121 OTA

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    This is a list of update packages and installation images for TCL ES560/S6500/S5300, chassis RT41.
    If you're unsure whether your TCL TV is chassis RT41 or not, you may check it in Settings > About > Contact us menu. If your Software version starts with V8-R41KT01-LF1, you may proceed with the installation. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A RT41 CHASSIS, THE INSTALLATION WILL FAIL.
    There are two kinds of packages for this TV, download mode packages and Android OTA packages. Download mode packages will erase your data, while Android OTA packages will keep your data.

    Android OTA packages:
    Version 190.
    Version 234.
    Version 241.
    Version 272.
    Version 305.
    Version 353.
    Version 360.
    Version 364.
    Version 367.
    After downloading the package, please, do read the manual included (especially if you want to update to Android 9).

    Download mode packages:
    Version 064.
    Version 076.
    Version 080.
    Version 114.
    Version 117.
    Version 133.
    Version 138.
    Version 139.
    Version 144.
    Version 155.
    Version 180.
    Version 216.
    Version 226.
    Version 229.
    Version 234.
    Version 241.
    Version 242.
    Version 243.
    Version 245.
    Version 250. (Downgraded kernel.)
    Version 255.
    Version 257.
    Version 272.
    Version 284.
    Version 292.
    Version 305.
    Version 343.
    Version 364.
    Rooted download mode packages. (R609 is the latest version.)
    These packages have an Update.img file. Copy the image file to the root of your USB drive, plug the USB drive into the TV, then boot the TV into download mode.

    How do I boot into download mode?
    1) Hold the power button on the remote control until the power off menu is shown.
    2) Select Yes to turn off the TV.
    3) When the power LED turns off, press and hold the TV's power button.
    4) When the power LED begins to blink, release the power button.
    Another way to boot into download mode is to unplug the TV's power cord, then hold the TV's power button while plugging the power cord back. When the power LED begins to blink, release the power button.
    The TV should boot into download mode and begin the installation process. DO NOT POWER OFF THE TV DURING THE INSTALLATION PROCESS!
    As you posted on Argentina forum...need country, from where he receive.

    I FOUND......he is from SPAIN...hehe !


    V383 OTA

    build date = Mar 02 2022
    gmsversion= Android_9_Pie
    product.build.fingerprint= TCL/UnionTV/UnionTV:9/PPR2.180905.006.A1/builder.20210125.083312:user/release-keys
    OTA size= 0.985 GB
    bootloader date= Jun 23 2021
    Revision: 009231
    Replying to myself. I installed the version V8-R41KT01-LFIV369 build 009199 mentioned here. Much better than than the one which came originally with the TV. Also nice is that you now have the option to format an USB drive as internal storage which I could do only with some adb commands before.

    Speed is indeed much better than I had with 336. Also now some apps which didn't work properly now are working fine (especially VPN's). It's a pitty that these models won't receive the Google TV upgrade. I have it on another model, much better and with a nice speed increase.
    V8-R41KT01-LF1V374.009210 IMG

    V374 IMG

    build date= Jan 25 2020
    build= 1611534792
    security_patch= 2020-12-01
    gmsversion= Android_9_Pie
    product.build.fingerprint= TCL/UnionTV/UnionTV:9/PPR2.180905.006.A1/builder.20210125.083312:user/release-keys
    IMG size= 2.09GB
    bootloader date= Jun 23 2021
    Revision: 009210

    Were you able to do it? I have a rca that is the same too. Tell me about your experience, please, thank you!

    I tried both the OTA and the full firmware install and both installed without a single issue, even the TV started with the "Hitachi" logo and everything so it went just like an official update, the latest firmware (v255) that some user posted here didn't gave me any issues at all, I could even say that it runs better than the original, and they improved some image settings related options, so go for it, if the chasis model number match shouldn't be a problem then, the system checks anyway if the firmware it's valid for installation.