Flashable File manager( ES Explorer)

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    Ok..Here it is flashable "ES Explorer". Might be useful for someone else also

    Note : If it's illegal to do this then then just delete the post
    The easiest way is to open a rom zip file with 7zip and simply drag your favorite file manager to to /system/app/ folder.

    Or you can use this premade flashable zip file and put in your own apks to flash: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1572962
    I need flash able zip...some roms does not include any file manager.. like aokp

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    You could always download one from the market.

    Or use 7-zip to open another ROM.zip, system/app and pull it out. Then use 7-zip again to unzip AOKP, put the file manager into system/app, rezip it and then flash it.

    File managers are freely available. Is there a reason why you can't get one from the market. No SIM or WIFI access, maybe?