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[Flashable ZIP] [7.1.2] Pixel Experience: Pixel Features, DT2W and Keycode Navbar

What background color you want in the bootanimation?

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Sep 24, 2016
Nice work, but out of date coz running the july update (had to uninstall).

But anyone knows where I can find the default wallpaper, the earth with clouds ? (not the earth live wallpaper)

Thanks !

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    I'm not very good at writing explanations, but I managed to activate certain unique features of the pixel in our nexus 6p (Running 7.1.2 or 7.1.1 for older versions)

    Before flashing, make a full backup, and make sure that the phone be rooted and dm-verity disabled

    Reboot in TWRP and flash the zip

    Reboot and clear data off google app and pixel launcher



    Pixel Setup Wizard
    Pixel Sounds
    Pixel Bootanimation
    Night Light
    Cool Color Temperature (Developers Options)
    Pixel Launcher
    Pixel Wallpapers (Earth Live Wallpapers work fine)
    Google Assistant
    Blue Accented Color
    Rounded Icons (System and Google Apps)
    Animated Nav Bar
    Unlimited Backup Google Photos
    Keycode Custom Navbar
    Stock Kernel w/ dm-verity disabled


    Settings FC fixed
    Settings Rounded Icon
    Vendor Fixed (thanks to @Rami_Debab )
    Double Tap to Wake
    White Navbar (still working in the animation)
    Added Blue accented color
    media_codecs and media_profiles from pixel xl (enable 1080 60fps)
    media sounds from pixel
    another method to work dt2w (now tell me if it works)
    Added Earth Live Wallpapers (full working)
    Added Bootanimation
    Added some pixel system apps
    Pixel First Setup (wipe data for test it ;) )
    02/11 Update v6 Cumulative (Flash on update v5)
    Black Bootanimation with sounds ;)
    White NavBar with ring in home ( without animations for now :( )
    Some files from pixel ( preferred-apps, permissions, sysconfig)
    Many tweaks in build.prop (referred to the setup wizard)
    Transparent battery saving mode (bye bye orange :D )
    NavBar Tuner
    Compatible with Developer Preview 2
    Animated Navigation Bar
    Fixed "Live Wallpapers Picker" FC
    Fixed "Internal Problem with the device"
    Fixed Settings FC
    Fixed OTA notification
    Fixed Assist Animation
    Fixed some strings
    Fixed Security Patch
    Build.prop based on NPF26J (Pixel XL)
    5/12 (Update v9 Cumulative)
    More Pixel Wallpapers
    New Downloads Icon
    Compatible with 7.1.1 Final Release
    10/12 (Update v10)
    Apps updated
    Some hiden features enabled (Long push on back button, Power Menu)
    17/04 (Update v13)
    Apps updated
    Keycode Navbar
    Prebuilt Boot with dm-verity disabled
    Some resources from Android O




    7.1.2 Final Release


    I've been very busy with college, sorry. When Google releases the dp2 from 7.1.1 I will upload a new update ;)
    Good morning everyone (or good night ;) )
    Wanted to apologize for disappearing during these last months. I havent been able to continue updating the mod, due to some personal problems, I dont have internet to download the latest images of this device and I cant upload the mod to the internet :(
    I have had to deal daily with my data plan only.
    I think it will recover internet at some point, and there will continue updating the mod :)
    pd: My nexus is still with the latest developer preview of 7.1.1 lol
    @MatiasLopezxD, take o look: http://chromloop.com/2016/11/lets-bring-home-button-animation-pixel-nexus-android-7-1-1/
    It's the fully working animated home button from Pixel, ready for the 6P on 7.1.1. Thought you'd like to prepare another update with that. And, of course, I would appreciate that very much! [emoji1]

    It's working fine, btw.

    Enviado de meu Pixel XL usando Tapatalk

    I'm going to use that SystemUI as a base for porting the pixel systemui
    @MatiasLopezxD what happens to your mod when the December 6th update gets rolled out?

    I will update my mod ;)