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[Flashable Zip] Want To use Latest Google Camera from Pixel XL (7.1) on N6P 7.0 ?

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Mar 31, 2012
Am I the only one who just gets a black screen on launch? I have followed the steps many times now and I'm unable to get anything but this to happen. On WETA 9.2.


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    Thread close / Link removed

    Go here for new version


    !!!Beware of flashing without proper backup !!!!
    Please please please !!! Make a backup before flashing anything and read complete OP instructions
    Back via TWRP is the best way to save your phone in case of problem !
    I wont take any responsability if you break your camera software and having no backup !
    Actually this mod is incompatible with : (Working on it to solve problem)
    Google PHOTOS => if you use it take your responsability if having bug
    If you scared about flashing camera you can bring a modified version of camera ( here (Credits to XDA Team)
    This wont break your camera as it's renamed CameraMOD.
    There is no support here for this version as here you get

    Yesterday i was playing with system dump from Pixel XL and seeing how can i manage to use latest Google Camera , and i found a funny tips to make it work :)

    Explain :

    First i' ve extracted the Google camera from system dump , it' s was uninstalable as it because it need SDK 25 and so Nougat 7.1 .

    So i made for my own a flashable zip with the camera (the version of pixel cam is and flashed on my actual rom (WETA 9.2)
    after reboot camera disappeard from my drawer (normal^^) .
    Unable to decompil /recompil properly the apk as Apktool doesnt not support Android N for the moment ....

    So i decided to make a small mod in my build.prop :

    Changing SDK version (see line => ro.build.version.sdk)
    On 7.0 we use 24 , 7.1 will be 25 !!! Lets simply edit this and see what happen ?

    Boom !!!! It works as it , new camera appears in drawer and was usable without bugs :)))

    After this i had an update in afternoon from the playstore that give me version :)

    Since yesterday i made this change i didnt find any bug on my phone so changing SDK info in build.prop looks ok.

    For those how want to test i made flashable zip to make it easy.

    Step 1 flash camera from 7.1


    Step 2 use my flashable zip to mod your buildprop to get SDK 25


    Reboot and profit :) (after reboot you will have an update to do on the playstore for camera :)

    Please report bug if you find some

    I'll make restore of stock camera if need see below

    Restore :

    ***400 Download in 2 days and 7 thanks on OP ???
    Do the thanks button has a cost ???

    Please press it to support research !!

    I just went ahead and tested the stock camera app and the one ported from the Pixel... There are very minor differences - images tend to be slightly cooler with the pixel camera and with a higher iso.
    You guy see this... @xdadevelopers: Google Camera v4.2 from the Pixel is now available for Nexus (7.0+) devices! https://t.co/NKcB5AzRRb https://t.co/HhuHl50GUC

    Works for me

    Sent from my Nexus 6P
    No This one was directly extracted from Pixel XL system dump :)

    Is this the apk that was found to have malware in it earlier today?