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Flashed Global ROM over VodaFone stock ROM, Can I relock bootloader? (Redmi Note 8T)

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New member
Oct 16, 2021
Hey guys, I know people ask this all the time but please help a noobie out.

I bought this phone online back in 2019 and it came with a VodaFone ROM. Today I installed Android 11 Update but I didn't like what they did with 3rd party launchers not being able to use gestures so I unlocked bootloader and flashed the official Global ROM (MIUI 12 Android 10) with XiaomiTool V2, but now I can't use some essential apps and also I'm worried cuz my phone is unlocked and not secure.

I already checked on Xiaomi's oficial Product Authentication and it has a green tick and it says: "Congratulations! You can be assured the phone you have purchased is the official international version." That means I don't have a Chinese Version right?

So my question is can I safely lock bootloader without bricking my device?


Senior Member
Jul 8, 2016
one of my banking apps and netflix.
the time i wasted in miui netflix worked fine
bank apps = didn't test but also should work
malware attacks, I guess?
there is no such thing
android is well secure system and the only thing you should worry about is miui+google are watching you and are selling your data 😆 😆 😆
it will mostly brick your device
and even if you manage to do it ,you will not be able to unlock again in case you want to change rom or use custom roms ...