Flashing Custom Roms on Oneplus6T

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Senior Member
Nov 25, 2011
Kuala Lumpur
hi guys,

Ive been using stock rom since i purchased this phone.

Thinking of flashing some custom roms. but i have few questions in my mind. Hope you guys can advice me on that.

- Can i use a custom rom without Root ? My interntion is to use banking apps without any problem. Not really interested in in using Magisk to hide the root status.
- i have a manually enabled call recording on my Oneplus6T. Do i get this feature working on any custom rom ?
- I undestand that i need to unlock my bootloader to flash custom roms, so in case if i want to revert back to stock rom in future , will it break any security mechanism of the phone?

Please advise.


Senior Member
Feb 25, 2011
- Yes you can run a custom rom without root. You can even lock your bootloader with a custom ROM (WARNING, you can just lock your bootloader, it's a whole process, DO NOT just do this. Research first!). That being said, I would venture to say many banking apps would take issue with custom ROMs even if you aren't rooted. However I don't use them, so I can't say this for certain.

- Yes call recording works in (some) custom ROMs.

- Unlock your bootloader, won't harm anything. You can always go back to stock. If you want to completely go back to stock you should be able to just run the MSMTool and it should put your phone back exactly as it was out of the box. It reloads the stock software, and relocks the bootloader.
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