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Flip Motor Durability

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I'm not a selfie person and didn't use the front facing position much. Sometime within the first 1 to 1.5 years the flip mechanism stopped working correctly. It will open about 30 degrees and then jam. I can hear the motor trying to complete the motion but the module will not move any further. It will go back to it's rear facing position though. The camera itself still works fine.

I has been knocked off a nightstand onto a hardwood floor a couple times with no obvious damage but I expect that may have been enough to jar the flip mechanism enough to cause the jamming. I also carry it in my pocket, so lint or other junk may have gotten into the mechanism.

Has anyone successfully opened this up to trt and fix problems with the flip mechanism? I've watched a couple tear down videos and it looks like getting to the camera is not trivial. I'm not sure I'm willing to risk it to try and fix something I didn't use much to start with. I'm pretty happy with the phone otherwise.
FWIW, ordered mine day one and it's still working like new.
I don't drop my devices often and clean them often. I also don't use face unlock but do a lot of manual camera movements.
However, the camera has had the slight play issue since day one where I can here the camera tapping the phone while it's in my pocket and I'm walking at a normal pace. I've gotten over the sound and if anything, it's improved somehow.

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    I see that they have confirmed 100000 flips. 28 flips per day for 5 years. The problem is, I'm pretty sure that we're going to use more than 28 flips a day e.g. face unlock, manual flip control, Instagram stories, video calls, taking multiple front video clips (vloggers) etc. I'm a bit worried about it failing in 2 years. So would it be durable enough for the long run?
    Only way to find out is waiting 2 years I guess, it's hard to judge. In case Asus messes things up and they start to break everywhere then that would not only hurt Asus's image but also overal all motor controlled camera's.

    I personally think it would be fine, perhaps a iFixit rating would soften the blow if they would deem it easy to repair.
    That would likely suggest it has ~10% chance of failure after 100,000 flips, and very, very few people would average more than 25 a day over 2 years.

    The mech looks well designed, to me.

    However if you drop your phone a lot, this probably isn't the device for you.
    I think the YouTuber JerryRigEverything is gonna do a test on the durability of the camera in the next few weeks, since he's already pre-ordered it.

    That being said, it should last for 2-3 years when most users would be onto another phone, and it doesn't seem like it will break anytime soon.
    Week after owning mine hinge was now loose
    After almost seven months of operation, I see absolutely no difference from how it worked the first day.