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FM radio Drivers developpment P760/768/778/769/765

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Sep 28, 2013
Los Teques
wpan.git contains the Bluetooth, FM code by Texas Instruments for
WiLink connectivity chipsets on OMAP Platforms

Android.mk - Root Makefile calling all subdir makefiles
bt_sco_app - Command line application to send PCM configuruations to WL12xx chip(optional)
and connect to BT headset via SCO.
bt_voice_call_set - Derived from bt_sco_app for Modem purposes.
fmradio - Stack and Command line application for FM on WiLink chipsets
fmradio_omap3 - Derived from fmradio (older version) on OMAP3 platforms
README - This file
ti_st -
kfmapp/ - V4L2 FM application to be used with V4L2 drivers for FM on WL.
uim/ - User-Space Initilization Manager for TI Shared Transport Drivers (to be
used with kernel version 2.6.32 and below drivers)
uim-rfkill/ - Derived from uim/ to be used with K32 and above TI ST drivers.
uim-sysfs/ - User-Space Init Manager for TI Shared Transport Drivers (per kernel.org)
tools -
BluetoothSCOApp/ - BT SCO UI App for connect to BT headset via SCO

Source code here --> git.omapzoom.org/?p=platform/hardware/ti/wpan.git;a=tree

May be if it is included in kernel, spiritfm could work????
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Feb 8, 2013
New Braunfels, TX
Interesting, wonder if it works with our Bluetooth chip. If it does it would be cool, I have no way of testing it though as I can't get my phone unlocked yet until I get a data plan. Probably do good to research this a bit and see if this is omap specific or Bluetooth, though I'm guessing the latter because I think some radio chips use firmware but just throwing some guesses until I actually look at it but it's late so I'll put it off till tomorrow.

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