Follow up on XDA TV Fast Dormancy Video


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Nov 7, 2007
This is the follow up thread to:

Fast Dormancy -- Save Your Battery from 3G Drainage

This is a thread to discuss your findings and concerns about Fast Dormancy.

Feel free to leave questions for me, I will be constantly monitoring this thread.


There is an original app by Gokhanmoral, which effectively disables Fast Dormancy on the Galaxy S3 (ONLY TESTED ON i9300). Please refer to the description on market app link below for future compatibility.

Supercurio is creating an app that disables FD, but also ads separate diagnostic functionality. :eek:
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May 31, 2010
Yeah so Erica spoke about an application we developed when studying the Fast Dormancy and RRC states.

In order to experiment and understand all about FD, we had to developer a new tool also allowing to enable/disable Fast Dormancy on several Samsung phones, and apply changes in real times, including when tuning Fast Dormancy timers.

Requiring root depending on the device itself, its main purpose it to help you analyze if the network you're using supports fast dormancy or not, then allow you to set reasonable settings providing satisfying battery performance while keeping the network latency low.

Be sure you watch Erica's video as she will explain the technical challenges behind 3G power management better than I could.

Phase 1:

Today's application is very simple:
It provides an easy access to the useful Samsung proprietary ServiceMode page displaying RRC states and also advanced network SNRs.

Download preview app from Google Play
Voodoo RRC Tool source code on github

Note: the app kind of suck and as you'll notice it benefits from no UI design at all yet :D
Contributions are indeed welcome.

Phase 2:

Automatize the FD detection process in order to help you telling us which kind of network behavior you experience with your carrier.

Phase 3:

With fast dormancy carrier database, recommending automatically optimal settings.
Add support to enable/disable and choose Fast Dormancy timers on non-Samsung phones.

Phase 4:

Reverse-engineered Service Mode in order to build statistics of RRC state used, maybe to guess automatically if a network supports FD or not.
I'll probably not go this far but it might be interesting to develop this, not only on Samsung phones but on many more.

Once again contributions will be welcome here too.

I hope you'll like this joined XDA TV & development effort, which aims to investigate a topic, share knowledge and provide tools for everyone's benefit.
Hopefully its only the first collaboration among many. I'd like to encourage other developers as well to consider XDA TV as an extension of everything we're doing here, and interact with videos producers.
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May 31, 2010
video is no longer avalible WHy?
There was an unexpected glitch in one of the demo, the one explaining how to diagnose if Fast Dormancy is implemented or not by your network.
Concretely the actual demo was exhibiting a different behavior from our previous observations, so to be completely sure to guide you in the right direction we're re-investigating.

Except this part where there was doubt everything was perfectly accurate: Erica video shall be back soon on XDA TV once we figure it out :)


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Nov 19, 2010
Thanx sc,nice tool and great work,even though I was expecting another app from u,hopefully that will come eventually
Good to see you're back.


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Dec 10, 2010
Not working??

EDIT - the app by Gokhanmoral on the OP works perfectly now! (on my sgs2)

ignore the text below :)

The app doesn't show any output for me, is this :

1: Because FD is not available with my Carrier? (UK Vodafone)
2: Because I'm in the UK?



*Either reply in this thread or PM me if you need any further info/testing

EDIT : See - and :

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Codes don't work on AOSP/AOKP ROMS's (apparently) :(
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Oct 26, 2007
I have always wondered if AOSP on for example the galaxy nexus supports FD, There is a general lack of information, it looks like it should, but I don't know.

It would be great to find a way to gather this sort of data on AOSP or other devices, no idea if it's doable though.

Great video series, FD is under documented and there is a lot of misinformation and unbacked assumptions :)

As far as networks go, unless the documentation is incorrect, my network (3UK) have FD enabled, I am unable to back this up with data, as I sold on my sgs2 a while back now :(


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May 31, 2010
Yes good question about AOSP.

It's possible Samsung RIL is still reading fast dormancy activation status and timer values from somewhere in pure- Google devices.

Samsung devices running AOSP instead of Samsung firmware must still read the FD configuration parameters, as they're rocking the same RIL binary code.

This is definitely something to investigate, I'll take a look but feel free to report your findings, that might be useful features to add to RRC Tool.

Tip: you can search for strings in libsecril*.so in /system/lib and attach strace to the rild process : both give a lot of clues :)


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Oct 26, 2007
I have been poking the rild with strace, at the moment the output is refusing to be piped to a textfile, which is annoying, will work on that later.

Funny thing is that it runs for a bit then crashes it, have to toggle airplane mode to get network back, its most likely me not running strace with the right parameters though.


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May 25, 2012
if i enable FD in the app and set the timer to 15 sec then nothing changed in *#9900#. there ist the curent status of my FD stil disabled.

okay so i enabled both and charged phone to 100% and toggle mobile data and was watching the battery. in half an hour I lost 2% of Bat.(did nothing .. only get few emails via push and wrote an message via whatsapp)

than i checked BBS and in the section kernle wakelocks i get an wakelock named : "sercril_fd-interface" with an time of 22m ( FD was anebled for 30 min) witch take an total wackelock of 50%?

now i kinda dont it what should i do ? :D will watch again 30 mins and will check than without FD .



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Apr 18, 2012
Hello angelofmusic, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 currently running on CheckROM Revo NoteHD v5. Upon accessing SysDump, there is an option - Enable fast dormancy(Current State : Disabled).
Thus, I suppose I would not require the prescribed app, would I?

What is the appropriate stepwise testing procedure/methodology that you suggest I follow?

Thanking you and awaiting your response.
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Mar 27, 2006
Telstra RRC states/timers

Telstra does the following on 850MHz (MCC/MNC 505/01):
DCH (T1 1s) -> FACH (T2 30s) -> URA-PCH

Three/Telstra does the following on 2100MHz (MCC/MNC 505/06):
DCH (T1 5s) -> FACH (T2 10s) -> URA-PCH

Didn't time the T3 timers (long).
If you're on Telstra, the fast dormancy timer will force the IDLE state (for both networks above), and you will miss out on the benefits of the PCH state.

Background info on Australia 3G networks:
Three + Telstra had a reciprocal network sharing agreement for years (Telstra 2G 900MHz + Three 3G 2100MHz)
Three + Vodafone merges.
Three network shares with Vodafone 2G (and wiith Vodafone 3G this month).
Three/Telstra network sharing agreement ceases end of this month.

I think Three network would likely stay as a seperate network (rather than merged), in which case the states/timers would likely be the same.
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Jul 4, 2012
On my Galaxy Note the code do access the service menu is *#*#0011#*#*

Does this depend on the radio version? model? network?
Confirm..yes me too on my Galaxy Note code is *#*#0011#*#* to enter the Service Mode
maybe it gonna be awesome if possible to direct from the Voodoo RC tool..btw that app is awesome for starting
keep a great work for you Supercurio :good:

So will FD save me some battery life if I enable it? What about black crush how do we fix that?
as long as your carrier provider support that FD ..
black crush ? hmm i think that a different problem..this thread is discuss about networking not the Screen Colour ;)

finnaly ..
before trying your Voodoo RC tool i check the RRC state behaviour with default setting ( enable fast dormancy from *#9900# )
and the result is:
DCH to FACH pretty random timer ( some times 8s, 15s ) .. and very quick from FACH to PCH -/+ 5 sec and stay on PCH never goes to IDLE state

then i try voodoo RC with guide from erica video (thanks erica)
1. when i enable and first try the 1 sec FD with policy then back to test
DCH to FACH still ramdomly but never reach above the 10s ..and still very quick switch from FACH to PCH and stay on PCH state until the same process repeat PCH to FACH then DCH

2. then i try the 10 sec FD with policy and tested
DCH to FACH still ramdomly but sometimes lil bit longer the 10s ..and still very quick switch from FACH to PCH and stay on PCH state until the same process repeat PCH to FACH then DCH
.. then i decide to stay in that setting and see what happen..until more or less 5 h i check with BBS that secril fd_interface on kernel wakelock is 2 h more or less is about 51% and yes my phone cannot enter the deep sleep by that ( i forgot to capture it sorry :( )

my question is : is that mean my carrier provider deffenetly didn't support the FD or i did something wrong with the step .. coz last time i disable the fast dormancy ( with FastDormancy toogle by Gokhanmoral ) i never saw that secril_fd process so high..
but i'll try looking for and test again

again thx Supercurio and Erica :)
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