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Nov 18, 2009
Hello there,
been here in this forum for a while and learned all by myself till now ... now I really need help for something .... look at the screens provided ... it`s from "Post your LEO screen" thread. It`s a nice theme, but I need to know couple of thing about the fonts:
1.Look for example at Settings tab screenshot .... how can I edit my font so it can change just the headname of the TAB not the whole TAB itself? In other words ... how to make a font that is different in different places of the phone?
I think I must modify some mode9 manila files, but I don`t know witch one is for what ... is there an editor like CHOME visual editor but for manila tabs ....
2. How can I change the colour of the text on font ... lets use the same SETTINGS TAB as example ... the text is WHITE and also grey ... how can I make the white for example BLACK ? What should I modify ... I think I must modify again some mode9 manila files but again witch ones exactly ... how to find out?
3. Look at MESSAGE TAB ... what should I modify for color text for time and SENDER of SMS ? Maybe is the same as changing the text color anywhere in the phone ... but not sure again how to do that ....

It would be so nice if someone can really help me ... Thanks in advanced for all your answers ... here is the whole theme in screenshots :

Asked the creator of the theme, but he seems to not understand what exactly I want ...
UPDATE : Here`s what he said : "there aer a few mode9 files except qtc files
so you can make shot at what mode9 manila files contain
for example
115191c7_manila contains messagetab
7c60907d_manila contains hometab & titlebar text...
and so on
find yourself
you can make shot "

I know that there are manila files that should be edited ... but how can I look at all mode9 files ... there are over 50 of them.

P.S. Sorry for double posting in HD2 Themes section, but seems there is no one capable of answering my question ...


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