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Fonts for Galaxy S20 Ultra No Root needed

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Thank you OP for the post and others for linking zip files.
Shame though that 99% of these fonts for me look like turd.

Totally agree with you, some fonts I cannot even imagine how on earth you can put it on your phone, or even pay for it! They really should add more "classic" fonts, we don′t all have crazy looking unreadable phones...


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May 2, 2013
Here are few more fonts to install with mono installer.


I have no idea how you managed to get all these fonts. Anyways, thanks for your awesome collection!

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Last week, people brought this thread to my attention and said that we have so many flipfonts and mono app doesn't have some important features to browse the collection. So, I decided to revamp the installer and add some features and cool look. Here it is, the updated version of mono https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s20/themes/app-mono-flipfont-installer-v2-0-t4195613.


Nov 2, 2007
I am looking for Roboto Condensed font but cannot find anything that will work. Does anybody know or the name of the nearest equivalent to Roboto Condensed?

Fullmetal Jun

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Sep 10, 2013
Camp Kidney
Is there a roboto light font or something close to it please?

EDITED: Helvetica®_Now_Pro_Text_Light_Latin_FlipFont.apk is the closest I found. I had to decrease the font size by 1 level
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Oct 24, 2020
New fonts for today (6 fonts)

All fonts so far (2390 fonts)

#mono_ installer by sathishtony

Monofonts Browser by Mwyann


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    This works on my Galaxy S20 ultra and should work on all S20 style phones and Samsung devices running Android 10 One UI.
    Download monofonts zip,extract zip.find #mono_1.0 apk. install,create monofonts folder with all apks. Inside,place folder in internal storage,open mono app,you should see a list of different font apks.install as many as you want they should all work except for Aladdin apk.Once you install separate font apks.go to your settings,Display,Font style and they should show up in the list,click on whatever font style you installed and your font should change,Hopefully this works for anybody interested in having more than 3 or 4 fonts to choose from in there phone.
    25 New Fonts


    333 New Korean Fonts


    2800 Fonts


    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
    Updated the Monofonts Browser with the full 2800 font set, including the Korean and Japanese fonts. Merry Christmas!

    Well, thanks to the previous thread I linked to, I was finally able to install a custom font (TTF) without root!

    UPDATE: @sathishtony updated his Mono fonts installer to support installing custom ttf, you should check it out (version 2.1): https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...v2-1-for-samsung-oneui-1-2-3-no-root.4195613/

    The spoiler section describes the old method of installing a custom font, before the release of Mono Installer 2.1 which automates a lot of the process. I keep the older instructions just for reference.

    What you need :
    - circerounded_original.apk attached to this post (do not install yet)
    - Apk Editor from: https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/steel...elease/apk-editor-1-9-0-android-apk-download/
    - The TTF file of your font of course.

    First we're gonna prepare the new circerounded.apk file with your own TTF file:
    1. Install Apk Editor, launch it
    2. "Select an Apk File", browse to the circerounded_original.apk file, select it and choose "Simple Edit (FILE REPLACEMENT)"
    3. Browse into assets -> fonts and touch the left icon in front of the CirceRounded.ttf file, it should show a "Select a file to replace it" dialog
    4. Browse to your TTF file and select it
    5. Press the Save button on the bottom
    6. Once finished, open a file manager, browse into Internal Storage -> ApkEditor -> tmp and rename the file gen_signed.apk into circerounded.apk (This is the file you'll need in the next steps).
    7. Now to install it, you can choose any of the two following methods, zFont3 or Mono installer.

    zFont 3 Method: The following steps are the very same than the original thread (just use your own apk instead of the one provided of course):
    1. Install zFont 3 from Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.htetznaing.zfont2 -> Tab Home -> Download, install and Change to CirceRounded font (maybe line 246).
    2. Go to Settings on device -> Backup (Samsung Cloud) -> Choose Settings Only -> Backup.
    3. Display -> Font size & Font style -> Choose Default or Samsung One font.
    4. Uninstall Circe Rounded font from Settings-> Apps.
    5. Go to Settings of MyFile then enable show hidden files.
    6. Delete file circerounded.apk on zFont->.ONE_UI folder.
    7. Copy new file circerounded.apk (from ApkEditor) to zFont->.ONE_UI folder.
    8. Go to zFont app-> Tab Home-> find and install CirceRounded font again.
    9. Go to Settings on device -> Restore (Samsung Cloud) -> Choose Settings Only -> Restore -> Done (No need go to Display -> Font size & Font style to change font, it will change automatically when restore complete).

    Mono installer method:
    1. Download and install Mono flipfont installer from this thread: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...v2-0-for-samsung-oneui-1-2-3-no-root.4195613/
    2. Create a folder named "monofonts" at the root of your internal storage, and put the circerounded_original.apk and your custom font apk that you've made in the previous steps.
    3. Open Mono installer, install the original font and change your system font to CirceRounded
    4. Go to Settings on device -> Backup (Samsung Cloud) -> Choose Settings Only -> Backup.
    5. Display -> Font size & Font style -> Choose Default or Samsung One font.
    6. Uninstall Circe Rounded font from Settings-> Apps.
    7. Get back to Mono installer, and this time install your custom font (don't apply it)
    8. Go to Settings on device -> Restore (Samsung Cloud) -> Choose Settings Only -> Restore -> Done (No need go to Display -> Font size & Font style to change font, it will change automatically when restore complete).

    And there you go!

    Thanks to @__TrungDK__ for the Backup & Restore trick (this is what "forces" the new font to be applied even if it's not signed by Samsung) and @sathishtony for updating Mono Installer.

    Attached: My S20+ OneUI 3.0 with SegoeUI, the original apk for Google Sans, and my apk for SegoeUI.
    These will be my last fonts atleast for awhile since i'm moving to Pixel.

    51 New Fonts