Question For new Pixel 6, not pro, owners- what phone are you coming from?

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Jun 22, 2012
Burton on Trent
I came from the painfully slow af motog5 5gplus, boy i suffered for ages with that thing. From sleep to getting intot he phone app it took just over a minute


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Jul 3, 2010
Coming from Pixel 3XL. I wanted a more repairable Pixel phone with a bigger battery.
So far, the speakers seem a bit weaker compared to 3XL's.

I was really happy to see that screen replacement is a breeze, and battery replacement is just moderately difficult. I hope that this practice becomes standard for all future Pixel devices. Pixel 3XL was terrible in that regard.

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    Pixel 3a XL. Nearly identical overall size, but the P6 screen is much bigger (smaller bezels) and nicer. Overall the camera performance is slightly better, but having the wide angle lens is really nice. I also believe that Google will continue to tweak the software for the new camera chip and make the performance better over time. The fact that they were able to match the performance of the older camera chip (that they have been tweaking on for 3+ years) on release day is pretty amazing.

    I've always purchased mid-price phones. I simply cannot bring myself to spend $1000 or more on a phone that regardless of how good it is, will need to be replaced in a few years. The price difference between the Pixel "A" series phone and the P6 was small enough and the extra features of the P6 were good enough that I decided it was worth the extra money to buy the P6. I would not however spend the extra $$ on a P6P over a P6.

    I'm 100% satisfied with my upgrade and would make the same decision again after using the P6 since release day.

    PS - I have zero issues with the finger print reader. I'm not running a screen protector at this time (but would like to). I have only saved each finger once as well as there has been no need to save it multiple times. I probably have a 95% first scan success rate.
    OP6T and OP8T. Great hardware. I was tired of waiting for updates.
    Lg Wing. Only because my hand was forced due to no more support. The phone itself was great. I hate Samsung and Apple. Motorola is basically garbage. One plus is too expensive for what I'm willing to pay, after a year on TMobile the 9pro was still above 1000. This left me with this phone as the only other reasonable choice. I am not the biggest fan so far.
    Pixel 3... and I had a Nexus 6 before that. I love the carry size of the 3, but miss the screen of the Orca. The Pixel 6 is still narrower than the Nexus 6 was.