Question For new Pixel 6, not pro, owners- what phone are you coming from?

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Apr 14, 2015
Coming from Oneplus 6

I miss my op6 oxygen os features and customization. Op6 has really cool features but pixel is more like AOSP.

I like to play games a alot but pixel 6 is not good with high end games.

Camera quality is good and basic experience was okay.

Pixel 6 also has some bugs which sometimes very frustrating.
Flip 3. Well my 2nd flip 3 because just like my flip 5g I had issues with my screen. I love the Samsung ecosystem. Everything in my house is Samsung but I think that I'm about to switch everything over everything as far as laptops, Chromebooks over to Pixel books. Already replaced Galaxy live buds over to Pixel buds. Plan on switching from Galaxy Watch 4 to the Pixel watch when drops. Absolutely love the Pixel 6. Should have switched over a long time ago. Plan on upgrading to Pixel 7 when it comes out in fall.
Aug 25, 2022
s9 plus, and boy its making me feel like a sad purchase on a couple of what i consider urgent things (i dropped it, and smashed the screen after 4yrs otherwise I would likely get another year out of it or so)

gesture navigation need fixes to its timings or something, its wildly inaccurate (but i kind of like it too) multi-app view has close all on the furthest swipe left. other navigation is stock, and cant be inverted..

sound, sure bluetooth is its saving grace, but read my username :D its barebones and im not sure if i want that new lg headset or new pixel buds

the camera has a bulky design, and not as sleek as other phones, with a case its got the depth of a book

but the positives should be android 13 and updates, i want to believe android is getting better for maturity and design but its still kind of wierdly locked into oem's for 3rd party choices.. sigh

i havent started rooting it yet, namely because im not sold on the idea, i prefer to hope, stock gets better or pixel gets better, or this forum fixes the bugs @;~~~

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Jun 17, 2009
Google Pixel 6
iPhone 13 Pro - I just on a whim ordered the Pixel 6 because it was on sale and from what I've read about Android 12 and 13 it looks like Google has been trying to really push app developers to update their apps to newer API's and adding finer-grained permissions to Android, much like Apple's been doing with iOS the past few years.

So now I have both, and my iPhone 13 Pro runs the iOS 16 beta and it's not really that impressive. But anyway...I like them both!


Sep 1, 2022
Redmi Note 10 Pro for me, that I will finally be able to flash, the Operator ROM being catastrophic, and please my daughter who despairs of the poor photo quality of her Poco M3.


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I'm coming from a Xiaomi Mi MIX 3. I loved that thing, heck, I still do, but it's not supported by US carriers and they're all going to device whitelists, so I got kicked off AT&T and Verizon and was about to get kicked off T-Mobile and had to get something new. So far I'm pretty happy, but I'll be moreso once TWRP comes out for it and we start seeing more custom ROMs.


Oct 12, 2013
Google Pixel 6
Xiaomi 11T Pro
I come from Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite. It was a decent phone and it served me well. The phone aged, battery life was getting worse even after replacing the battery. No more software updates. I had to switch to he Google garden. I love my Pixel 6 although I'm disappointed about certain aspects, but all in all it's a good phone.


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Apr 10, 2012
Coming from crappy Poco F3 (Virtual Proximity Sensor issue) and worst MIUI Experience,if you want to use custom roms,you had to sacrifice some features for example AOD for battery life, doube tap to wake since it will wake up the device when in pocket due to no actual sensor in the phone ,proximity sensor issue for custom rom,since it will be opening random app or closes them when in call, doesn't have issue in MIUI stock.
Pixel 6 is way way better for the software update, when comes to MIUI..i know there will be issue in P6 in terms fingerprint or software.. but i fell much much better using stock google


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Jun 10, 2009
Boynton Beach, FL
Google Pixel 3 XL
pixel 3xl, doesn't turn on anymore and connects to computer in some kind of recovery mode that's not fixable I could find anyone reporting. The 6 screen is nice and feels faster in day to day usage. Camera is a nice shift in speed and quality even though the 3 is really nice for what it is.


Mar 5, 2017
OnePlus 6T
Google Pixel 6
I'm coming from a OnePlus 8 5G UW. That's the Verizon variant. It sucked. It was stuck on Android 11 despite Android 12 being released for the rest of the OP8 line. Yes I know that's Verizon's problem. I couldn't even use A12 & A13 custom ROMs on that device because it had different hardware than the rest of the OP 8 line. So in order to get custom ROMs, A12 would have to be released for that specific OP8 by Verizon. Wasn't gonna happen. So, I have A13 on my Pixel. I don't play high end games or any games for that matter, so CPU and GPU doesn't matter to me. Honestly the Pixel 6 feels faster than the OnePlus 8 5G UW. I also couldn't get 5G on cricket with the OnePlus, or Wi-Fi calling. Pixel 6 supports both on cricket. Overall it was a good decision. I paid 120$ out the door, technically used but in new condition.

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    Pixel 3a XL. Nearly identical overall size, but the P6 screen is much bigger (smaller bezels) and nicer. Overall the camera performance is slightly better, but having the wide angle lens is really nice. I also believe that Google will continue to tweak the software for the new camera chip and make the performance better over time. The fact that they were able to match the performance of the older camera chip (that they have been tweaking on for 3+ years) on release day is pretty amazing.

    I've always purchased mid-price phones. I simply cannot bring myself to spend $1000 or more on a phone that regardless of how good it is, will need to be replaced in a few years. The price difference between the Pixel "A" series phone and the P6 was small enough and the extra features of the P6 were good enough that I decided it was worth the extra money to buy the P6. I would not however spend the extra $$ on a P6P over a P6.

    I'm 100% satisfied with my upgrade and would make the same decision again after using the P6 since release day.

    PS - I have zero issues with the finger print reader. I'm not running a screen protector at this time (but would like to). I have only saved each finger once as well as there has been no need to save it multiple times. I probably have a 95% first scan success rate.
    OP6T and OP8T. Great hardware. I was tired of waiting for updates.
    I'm in the mix to possibly buy a P6 , but I'm curious what phone you're leaving behind. Plus, how has the new phone compared or not?
    Lg Wing. Only because my hand was forced due to no more support. The phone itself was great. I hate Samsung and Apple. Motorola is basically garbage. One plus is too expensive for what I'm willing to pay, after a year on TMobile the 9pro was still above 1000. This left me with this phone as the only other reasonable choice. I am not the biggest fan so far.