Question For new Pixel 6, not pro, owners- what phone are you coming from?

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Sep 5, 2016
Google Pixel 6
switched from my iPhone SE 2020 as I wanted a more premium phone and didn't like the direction the iOS jailbreaking scene was heading, along with the fact that the pixel is more repairable and more bang for buck than another iPhone would be


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May 2, 2016
I was forced by TMobile off my LG V40 thin Q, which was / is an awesome phone. In many ways, better than this P6 I was offered for free. So, with the prospect of never getting past Android 9, unless I wanted to flash a new OS, no option of 5G, I figured in Dec I would opt for something that gets trouble free updates regularly, lol. Joke was on me, right? The P6 is actually the same size, without the rounded edge screen, a plus, and the 128 gb of storage definitely needed. Once I set up, it's hard to distinguish between the two devices now, especially having had Nova Launcher for so long. I'm not wild about the gesture controls, and might go back to the bottom nav bar, buried in main settings app. I've so far noticed, that temperature control seems improved since this January update, but, it's only been a few days since I installed it. BT is behaving also, so far.


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May 2, 2016
One of the best things you can do when deciding on a new device, is go to and in the menu, select spec comparison page. I never decide until I've done this with every phone I've updated to. Use your old phone as the first of three side by side comparison's. It's a big help deciding.
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Feb 7, 2008
Forced off Sprint LG G8. First Pixel for me. HTC for a while then LG last couple. Only have had it for a month. It has grown on me. I do miss the size, SD card, headphone jack, and especially the rear fingerprint reader. After the January update the fingerprint reader has been better. Thickness of P6 isn't bad until you hit the camera bar. I've used the Spigen Tough Armor case on last couple phones but this phone with it's camera bar is thick.


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May 3, 2011
Blackberry Key2. Couldn't wait any longer for a new hardware keyboard phone and wanted a decent camera for a change. First impressions are good, time will tell.


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Apr 27, 2016
Been using way too many phones. I have a problem. But this latest phone I came from is the OnePlus 9 Pro. Which I'm trying to sell right now.

Who knows when T-Mobile will push out Android 12 to that thing but I know when it does come it will be janky ColorOS-tained mess. No thanks. I never wanted an OPPO phone.

I was off and on with iPhone 12 and 13 series. What I loved using iOS is when Apple pushes and update, we all got the update at the same time. I wanted that on Android. So I'm here now.

90hz feels just the same to my eyes as 120hz did on that 9 Pro. If the S22 Ultra had a FLAT display I'd have gone to that one as my next phone for sure but it doesn't so I'm here on this 6. It's nice. I like that I can still use an older version of Nova Launcher (new Nova Launcher stinks). As long as I was able do use this launcher version it makes my day to day life enjoyable using this phone.

Pixel skin is clean and with .5x it's smooth as well. I just hope Google continues to tweak and make this better. Remove some things they have in place. Like the data toggles. Please make WiFi and Data separate toggles!
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Mar 17, 2017
Tennessee, USA
My smartphone history:
  1. iPhone 4 (ATT)
  2. Galaxy S3 (ATT)
  3. Axon 7 (ATT)
  4. V30 (ATT)
  5. iPhone 6 (ATT)
  6. iPhone 11 (TMO)
  7. Pixel 6 (ATT)
I switched from the iPhone 11 about a week ago. The biggest upgrade I've noticed is the screen refresh rate. I really like the camera bump because it gives a little resting point for my finger, almost like a built-in pop socket.

I'm not totally sure of it yet though. I kinda thought I would fall in love with it as I did with the iPhone 11, but that just hasn't happened.

I tend to stick with phones for 1-2 years before I'm ready for a new one. So far I think my favorite overall phone has been the iPhone 11, so the pixel has some proving to do.


Feb 8, 2022
Nokia 7 Plus.
Nothing special but a good smartphone for what I needed when I bought it. With Android One, I thought it was a good point.
After upgrading to Pie, it became a pain. A lot of bugs and no support at all from Nokia. Camera app never updated, and it's a pity as the pro mode (manual) was very interesting.

Before that I had a BQ Aquaris X-pro, which was the best and the most underrated phone at the time, considering the low price.

Now, let's see this Pixel 6. I bought it before it was officially sold in Italy. 5G is impossible to use, as Italian providers say this phone is not certified. Anyway, a good impression at first.

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    LG V40

    I miss the DAC already.
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    Pixel 3a XL. Nearly identical overall size, but the P6 screen is much bigger (smaller bezels) and nicer. Overall the camera performance is slightly better, but having the wide angle lens is really nice. I also believe that Google will continue to tweak the software for the new camera chip and make the performance better over time. The fact that they were able to match the performance of the older camera chip (that they have been tweaking on for 3+ years) on release day is pretty amazing.

    I've always purchased mid-price phones. I simply cannot bring myself to spend $1000 or more on a phone that regardless of how good it is, will need to be replaced in a few years. The price difference between the Pixel "A" series phone and the P6 was small enough and the extra features of the P6 were good enough that I decided it was worth the extra money to buy the P6. I would not however spend the extra $$ on a P6P over a P6.

    I'm 100% satisfied with my upgrade and would make the same decision again after using the P6 since release day.

    PS - I have zero issues with the finger print reader. I'm not running a screen protector at this time (but would like to). I have only saved each finger once as well as there has been no need to save it multiple times. I probably have a 95% first scan success rate.
    OP6T and OP8T. Great hardware. I was tired of waiting for updates.
    Lg Wing. Only because my hand was forced due to no more support. The phone itself was great. I hate Samsung and Apple. Motorola is basically garbage. One plus is too expensive for what I'm willing to pay, after a year on TMobile the 9pro was still above 1000. This left me with this phone as the only other reasonable choice. I am not the biggest fan so far.
    Pixel 3... and I had a Nexus 6 before that. I love the carry size of the 3, but miss the screen of the Orca. The Pixel 6 is still narrower than the Nexus 6 was.