General Found a way to enter EDL mode and use qfil but issues

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Jul 5, 2014
Los Angeles
So I was able to find a loader or a programmer for qfil and it worked with my moto g stylus 2021 but the problem is it won't let me dumpcertain partition. The only partition I was able to dump was the abl partition. OEM unlock is greyed out so I was trying to find a way to activate it immediately than waiting. Oh yeah to enter EDL mode enable usb debugging on your phone and connect it to a pc then use adb reboot EDL and it will go to the Qualcomm mode. You can exit it by holding down and power for a couple seconds
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Oct 1, 2021
i have a moto g8 plus, and it have a qualcomm 665, the same as yours, and wont let me dump partitions, but i have the problem that i cannot flash anything after the bootloader, and gave me "range restricted" error, the other problem is that i have locked the bootloader and no access to system


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Mar 9, 2013
Salem, MO
Moto G Stylus
Can you use EDL on bootloader locked phone?

Also I was wondering does anyone know of how this could be used to unlock a locked bootloader for my variant (Cricket).
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