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FpseCE (Playstation Emulator) on android ??

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Senior Member
Nov 17, 2009
if you don't know FpseCE, it is an emulator of Playstation 1 on Windows mobile ..
it is actually the only PS emu that could run almost every PS1 game at full speed with an extremely high compatibility !!

click here to see a video

but now since WM is almost dead the developers are "studying" a port of FpseCE to android or WP7 and they are running a Poll in their forum to see what people think ..

please share your opinions ..
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Senior Member
Aug 2, 2009
To XDA coders and developpers, see my post on the fpsece forum:
"Of course everybody wants an Android port :D , maybe only androidphone owners !!
But fpsece will be awesome with OpenGL ES 2.0, PSX game will looks like real WVGA game !!!
Maybe Schtruck and LDChen should ask for Android developers on XDA, cause if Schtruck want to work on a Android port
and also on the actual version for Windows Mobile it will take a long time, i think....
For the moment we can try to play with psx4droid and paid for it :("

If you can help Schtruck you could ask him!!


New member
Oct 3, 2009
FPSECE will be on android.... ?? :)

Hello, check forum on fpsece.net... Autor is trying to port FPSECE to android, I'm really looking forward to this, PSX4DROID it's not good, fpsece is much more stable and mostly games are working here :) Sry for english..