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    Free 50GB Account

    Original OP, Please read quotes below!
    Box has added an option to invite my co-workers to Box and give them 50GB instead of the 5GB standard cloud storage. So I decided to open this up to fellow EVO 3D / XDA compadres. The process is a bit time consuming as I have to create each account on my personal domain and then sign in and change each one to the email address you provide below. I will do this once a day. You will receive an email when its setup and ready for you sign in and change the password.

    Yeah I stopped creating box accounts a long time ago. I started working 90 - 100 hours a week and didnt have time for ****. The reason I left this thread open was when I last checked it it had taken on a life of its own and several people were still upgrading accounts. I pretty much forgot about it after that. I think I created something like 2800 accounts before I bailed, (it was a lot harder back then, I still have 3000+ email addresses attached to my personal .com)*

    Huge props to all the people who took up where I left off. Josh

    Im going to make this real easy if you DON'T have one create one then download this apk input the user name and password from the new account hit upgrade and bam your done
    Instructions for Free 50GB. I HAVE CONFIRMED THIS IS WORKING. Used my Nexus 7 Tablet twice on two different accounts and both got the free 50GB with gronimo21's APK (2 posts above).

    Just to reiterate what he said:

    1) Create BRAND NEW Box account (can't confirm this will work on preexisting accounts as mine were both brand new)
    2) Validate registration/email
    3) Download APK quoted above (gronimo21)
    4) Install APK from above
    5) Put in login info
    6) Hit Free Upgrade button
    7) DONE! Verify 50GB and change password if you're concerned with the app logging credentials (which it doesn't from my testing and it says so right when you open the app)
    8) Repeat for as many 50GB accounts as you'd like. I have 3 so far!

    There you have it, follow the instructions above and do it yourself.

    If you already posted your email address you should delete it, no mod is going to scrub 5000 posts.
    --- Everyone above this post added. ---

    If you did not receive your email let me know.

    If you did, erase your email address from your post.

    Check your PM's!

    You can register here by yourself. Worked for me :)
    Post #2 - #27 accounts created.

    Post #28 - #60, DONE
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