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[FREE]Droid Chat Room - Chat Rooms

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Nov 26, 2011
Colombo,Sri Lanka

Droid Chat Room - Chat Rooms

Droid Chat Room is a FREE app for all android users to have access to live chat rooms. If you are looking for a cool place to chat and meet people on your Android Device,t hen Droid Chat Room has you covered. We are a growing community of Chat Rooms and Chatters from around the world. You can Chat in the room of your choice and even Private Message other chatters if you want to have a more personal chat session.
That's not all here are some other really COOL features of Droid Chat Room
If you swipe from Left To Right you will find one of the most AMAZING
What can you do with Droid Chat Room?

★ Live Chat With Hundreds Of Users! ( Our Android Chat Room Community is growing by the hour!)
★ Register Your Profile so other users can send you inbox messages and be social! With Facebook and Twitter Integration!
★ Discuss Current Events, Marketing and Local Happenings with anyone!
★ Have an idea for a chatroom? Contact us and we will take your suggestions for adding rooms. Or simply like us on Facebook and suggest it there so the community can vote on it!
★ Send Private Messages to other chatters within the room.
★ Full Moderation! We want to keep a fun and safe community for all so we moderate the chat as needed.
❤ We are currently looking for a few trust worth moderators for the chat rooms so if you are active in our community simply apply by swiping to the right and using the >Feedback>Talk To Us function and let us know you are interested in being a chat room moderator.
Some Of The Chat Rooms Available:
Lobby Chat Room:
If you are not sure where you want to chat you can start off in the lobby and use it as a place to mingle and chat with other people who are looking for another place to chat or just hang out.
Sports Chat Room:
If you are a sports fan and wanna talk about a game or meet up with other sports fans like you then you might want to hang out in the sports chat room and chat with other sports nuts just like you! No matter what sport it is: Football, Baseball, Hockey, Running and more…
Flirting Chat Room:
If you are looking for a place to flirt around then the flirt chat room might be the place to check out. Please keep in mind that you must agree to all our terms and conditions and abide by all rules or your account will be banned. ✔ For 18 years and above only. Underage accounts are banned.
Bitcoin Chat Room:
฿ If you want a place to discuss digital currency then this is a cool app has the chat room for you to discuss everything bitcoin.
GamerTag Chat Room:
If you play video games online and you want to exchange gamer tags or game handles then why not hit up this chat room and see who you can find. Many people chill out here or find other gamers to play with or join game groups.
Current Events Chat Room:
Want to discuss some current events that are happening? Then this might be the blast place to do it. Live and on the go you can keep your discussions and updates about any news and world events. Be heard!
FML Chat Room:
Do you need to relieve some stress? Maybe you just need to be heard or you want to share one of your FML moments. Well then this room is a great place to share your rant or FML Moment with the community. Check it out and share your moment here.
App Discovery Chat Room:
There are thousands of apps out there both free and paid that people are using everyday. Have a favorite app? (Besides Droid Chat Room, of course) Then pop in this room and share your favorite apps with everyone. If you are an app developer you are more than welcome to share some promo codes and apps with the chatters.



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