[FREE] Video Grabber App for Windows Phone 8.1 [Youtube Video Downloader]

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Oct 8, 2015
Try my new "Video Grabber Free" app, which is used to download videos from YouTube . This is a beta app and if you face any issues while using it, feel free to comment, the issues will be fixed in the final release.
How to use,
1. Once the app is opened, it will show the YouTube page, you can browse the page for videos like ordinary YouTube application. 2. If you need to download the video, press the Download icon at the bottom of the page. It will ask you to select a format.
3. Select the required format and click download button.
4. You can see the progress of the download at the bottom of the screen.
5. You can cancel the download at anytime you want.

Known bugs,
The download may stop when you are using metered connection. Please use WIFI for smooth downloads.

Support Developers by Rating and Review. Your ratings and feedback are very important to us.
*Ad supported version available in Windows Store
*Ad free version available for download in http://1drv.ms/1Zok51L
or scan the QR Code

Privacy Policy,
The Video Grabber downloads video from YouTube , which loads the http:/m.youtube.com URL, which is powered by Google. You should read Google's privacy policy. We do not exercise control over the videos or content loaded on the YouTube page. You should read their privacy policies.
The site content loaded may vary based on the cookies which YouTube stores in your phone or based on your browsing history, We are no way responsible or suggests any content in the page loaded.
The app does not store any browsing history, cookies when using this app. Youtube may store browsing history or cookies while using the app.

Click the Store URL to view the app.


Inital page, shown only once.





The videos downloaded will be stored in Videos folder of your phone memory.

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