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Jul 24, 2014

Help.. why my S5570 phone is already rebooting? while Odin doesn't say "pass"?..


When I check my phone Like flashing CWM, the CWM inatalled and sometimes nothing happen. when I try to Reflash my phone to Stock Rom via odin when I start the odin to reflash my phone I get the same result... my apps are still there, and also my account :(. I don't know what is the problem in my phone..

I tried ans tried but still nothing happen.. please help me.

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    [SIZE="+3"]Frequently Asked Questions[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="+1"]This a short list of frequently asked questions in this device forum and the answers often given as a response. It should serve as a starting point for gathering knowledge and finding solutions to many common problems. Please only post in this thread with feedback on how to improve this document. Do not post "Thank you" type responses. If you have additional questions or require more help, try to find an existing thread or create your own. Do not use this as a general help thread.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="+1"]Q1: How do I root my galaxy mini?[/SIZE]
    to root galaxy mini many option are out there
    1. flashing an update package. for this option refer Here

    2. using superoneclick and here its XDA link

    3. Using a method by me when others don't work, go Here

    [SIZE="+1"]Q2: How to flash "X" rom?[/SIZE]
    flashing rom on galaxy mini is very easy no need to S-OFF no root required nothing you just need to be on gingerbread and have cwm recovery installed

    just wipe data then flash rom and wipe data again

    you are all set to have your custom android mobile​

    [SIZE="+1"]Q3: I used rom manager to have cwm on my mobile and now it's not working, what should i do now?[/SIZE]
    It have been told thousands of times that don't use rom manager on galaxy mini you will brick your phone

    now what you can do is try to boot into download mode (vol down+home+power button) and flash a four package firmware through odin

    or take your sgm to Samsung care​

    [SIZE="+1"]Q4: What is the difference between a galaxy mini(gt-s5570) and a galaxy mini plus(gt-s5570i)?[/SIZE]
    there is a big difference in both
    as galaxy mini plus have a cpu with higher frequency and a better gpu​

    [SIZE="+1"]Q5: can i use galaxy mini plus rom on my galaxy mini or vice-versa?[/SIZE]
    no you can't as both the mobile have different hardware so without porting roms they cannot be flashed​

    [SIZE="+1"]Q6: How to flash ClockworkMod Recovery on my sgm?[/SIZE]
    For flashing clockworkmod recovery on your galaxy mini here is a good Guide

    [SIZE="+1"]Q7: odin is not detecting my phone?[/SIZE]
    * you may have not installed the drivers

    * your mobile may not be in download mode

    * you may not have exited Kies properly

    *you may not be using proper tass. ops file or odin​

    [SIZE="+1"]Q8: What is touch firmware update and should I do it?[/SIZE]
    Touch firmware update is an option to upgrade mobile's touch firmware but you should not do it as it can brick the device then flashing roms will not help​

    [SIZE="+1"]Q9: My galaxy mini is in bootloop please tell how to solve this?[/SIZE]
    When your mobile is in bootloop the best solution is to wipe data from recovery

    if you made some changes to /system and then it goes in bootloop then you will need to flash your rom again​

    [SIZE="+1"]Q10: How to increase internal memory?[/SIZE]
    Firstly internal memory is fixed it cannot be increased but there are methods out there which can help you use your sdcard as internal memory

    stock rom users go here

    custom rom users:- after partitioning sdcard there are many methods like link2sd, s2e, ungaze script, amarullz a2sd, dta2sd​

    [SIZE="+1"]Q11: How to sim unlock my galaxy mini?[/SIZE]
    Sim unlocking is very dangerous and DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK

    while trying to unlock you may break your imei so it is better to have a backup of your bml partition before unlocking your mobile

    to unlock you can go to This page

    [SIZE="+1"]Q12: which is the best custom rom out there?[/SIZE]
    there is no best best custom rom as liking depends person by person some like stock type custom rom and some likes cm or miui so just try them all and decide by yourself which you like the most​

    This FAQ is part of a Recognized Contributor Group Initiative. The RC's hope to cover many device forums with the FAQ's. Please look for a similar FAQ thread when visiting another device forum on XDA.

    thanks The-Captainfor making this thread a sticky
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do not post "Thank you" type responses. If you have additional questions or require more help, try to find an existing thread or create your own. Do not use this as a general help thread.

    Q13 : Help ! Can i install Galaxy Pop ROMs on my Galaxy Next / Mini ?
    A : Galaxy Pop is another name of Galaxy Mini. Same just like Galaxy Next

    Q14 : Can i install Galaxy Mini ROM in my Galaxy Mini Plus ?
    A : No, never, and DON'T do it !

    Q15 : What is the differences between Galaxy Mini 2, and Galaxy Mini ?
    A : Galaxy Mini 2 is successor of Galaxy Mini. Galaxy Mini 2 have more RAM and better in hardware sides.

    Q16 : Hey, this ROM have bla-bla-bla bugs. Fix it !
    A : Why report here, report to ROM thread. Also provide logcat to prove it !

    Q17 : How to upgrade to Android 2.3 / Gingerbread ?
    A : Many tutorials in Internet about this. This is one of i prefer.

    Q18 : How can i take logcat ?
    A : If you already have ADB and know how to use it. Then type this in CMD :
    adb logcat
    to save log :
    adb logcat>example.txt

    Q19 : What is ADB ?
    A : Android Debug Bridge, useful for developers / users that debug the device. ADB useful for many users, starting from non-geeky to geekish.

    Q20 : What is CWM ?
    A : ClockworkMod Recovery is custom recovery which brings other features rather than stock recovery.

    Q21 : Help ! My phone have this sign > PHONE ---!--- COMPUTER
    A : It's another form of download mode. Just flash stock firmware and you are good to go !

    Q22 : My phone is bricked ? How do i fix it ?
    A : There's two type of bricks, soft brick and hard brick. Soft brick can be fixed by reflashing original Firmware. Hard brick can only be fixed by replacing motherboard, which can be done in SSC (Samsung Service Center).

    Q23 : How do i enter Fastboot mode ?
    A : There's absolutely no such mode in Mini, Sony (mostly) and some other manufacturers have this mode enabled in their phone.

    Q24 : Can i unlock Galaxy Mini bootloader ?
    A : No, Mini bootloader already unlocked.

    Q26 : Please, can you port "X" ROM ?
    A : No, you are the only one that can port it. We are here to help.

    Q25 : Can i install CWM with ROM Manager ?
    A : No, and don't do it, this will lead your device to hard brick.

    Q26 : Where's Galaxy Mini 2 Jellybean upgrade ?!
    A : It's not yet available, soon maybe.

    Q27 : Can i install other OS to Mini ? Like Windows Phone, and iOS
    A : It's impossible, only Android based OS can be installed.

    Q28 : Can we have Kernel 3.xx ?
    A : AAV6 (Android ARMV6) Team are making it, they need to make an alternatives to closed source FSR Drivers. So, it may possible, but not today.

    Q29 : Does Galaxy Mini 2 have Kernel 3xx ?
    A : Mini 2 is a ARMv7 Powered phone, many ARMv7 phone get Kernel 3xx from both official support and unofficial. Wait until some developers build it, OR wait for Samsung make Jellybean upgrade, most official Jellybean upgrade uses kernel 3.xx

    Q30 : How to root GT-S5570B ?
    A : The "B" on the on of GT-S5570B means Brazillian Phone. GT-S5570B is a regular Galaxy Mini, but produced in Brazil. So the rooting procedure would be same like regular GT-S5570.

    Q31 : Which recovery is best, TWRP or CWM ?
    A : Basically, nothing is perfect. Choose what you desire, TWRP is for curious one, CWM is for regular use.

    Q32 : Can i change kernel in "X" ROM ?
    A : Some ROM have custom kernel(s), like CM10.1. Example of these custom kernel are BadAss Kernel for CM10.1, AOKP JB, AOSP, etc. But i warn you, your ROM must compatible with the kernel you want to flash.

    Q33 : Can i install Google Chrome in Galaxy Mini ? Mini already have Android version 4xx !
    A : No, it can't. Galaxy Mini have ARMv6 Processor, Chrome needs ARMv7 Processor to work.

    Q34 : Does USB OTG works on Mini ?
    A : No, and won't. USB OTG (On-The-Go) needs a hardware support, not only software.

    Q35 : After i flash new Stock ROM from "X" Country, i don't have any signal !
    A : It can be caused by unsupported baseband for your country. Please flash a four packaged firmware for your country to solve this.

    Q36 : How to revert back to Stock ROM after flashing Custom ROM ?
    A: Flash a Stock ROM with Odin. The stock ROM must be mean for your country.

    Q37 : Does the baseband affect the signal of the phone?
    A : No, but in some rare cases, it does.

    This FAQ is part of a Recognized Contributor Group Initiative. The RC's hope to cover many device forums with the FAQ's. Please look for a similar FAQ thread when visiting another device forum on XDA.
    i'm running root explorer, i wanna move file pkg.apk from this /mnt/asec/com...(bla-bla-bla)../pkg.apk To internal memory /data/app/pkg.apk

    The Problem is when i hold file pkg.apk and then i'm clik move suddenly i'm see this pop up "Warning, pkg.apk cannot be moved because the file sistem is read-only" like picture from the attcment

    can you tell me how to make this file availabe moved ?

    you see in upper right corner, theres 'mount r/w' button. click it, and youd able to move the file.
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