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Jul 28, 2010
It sucks, the link directed me to a 404 error. Now I'll have to create a twitter account to contact the person.


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Jun 27, 2010
San Leandro
You know... you can click his his topics...and find his thread.

This should have been posted in Q&A.

This should be it.
People keep asking me what rom I use, and I always end up answering: "My own." Now you can play with the same rom I do *cue ooh's and aah's*

Features of Burnt Droid:

- Based off HTC's official Froyo update (This means it has Sense)
- Deodexed
- Busybox 1.16.2 installed
- Bash 4.1 available for shell users (just use "exec bash" at the shell prompt and off ya go)
- Dalvik Cache tweaks to force Dalvik to use the cache partition instead of eating 80+ megs of space on the data partition (silly dalvik, /data is for apps!)
- Zipalign check on boot makes sure all apps are zipaligned for better performance
- Removed *most* Sprint apps
- Removed other various useless crap and/or bloatware (ie; HTC Footprints, Teeter, Stocks, etc)
- Comes preloaded with Wireless Tether, Azilink, dotty, ES File Manager, Launcher Pro
- netarchy-toastmod kernel revision as stock (Kernel revision updates are available in the official netarchy-toastmod thread)
- Contains 100% more awesomesauce, and the potential to amass an army of rabid naked bunnies with which to take over the world.

If you are migrating from another 2.2 rom you need to do a full wipe.
If you're updating from Burnt Droid 1.0, you probably only need to wipe cache and dalvik-cache.
Of course, if you encounter problems, do a full wipe.

First boot may take a few minutes, just be patient.
Make a nandroid backup from recovery before flashing -just in case- (you can never be too safe ;D)

Download Burnt Droid 1.1
Burnt Droid 1.1 Mirror

The latest netarchy-toastmod kernel revision can always be found here

Changes from Burnt Droid 1.0 to 1.1:
- Updated Sprint Voicemail and TV apps
- Updated Superuser.apk to (Thank you flip)
- Updated Wireless tether version to 2.0.5-pre8
- Default kernel is now netarchy-toastmod Beta (Welcome to the bleeding edge)
- Launcher Pro is now an included app
- Incremented version number a whole .1 (zomgz!)

Sent from my PC36100 using XDA App

Sent from my PC36100 using XDA App