[FroYo Sense] LeeDrOiD Mod V1.9a (24/08 l HTC 2.2 l Fast! l Stable! l Up to Date)

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Jul 23, 2010
Is it only me or is battery life improved in 1.6 ? Almost 4 hours unplugged and still on 97% with occasional WiFi and a couple of calls. Seems to me that 1.5 was hungrier.


I agree mate I thought it was just me but I see battery life a lot better. Lee you're the man. Everyone goes on about open desire being so good on battery as that's all that rom can vouch for. I hope your future updates does open desire roms in that section . Keep it up mate.


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Aug 7, 2009
i dont understand. edit what on fb profil?

put in a city?

In German

Geht in euern Facebookaccount
unter euerm Profilbild gibt es den Punkt Profil bearbeiten
dort geht ihr unter Ausbildung und Arbeit (oder so ähnlich)
dort tragt ihr unter Ort einen Ort ein
Dann Änderungen speichern


Aug 25, 2009
Tel Aviv
Hi all..
I tried to update from leedroid 1.5b to 1.6. After flash and reboot im stuck @ HTC Bootscreen.

I have partitioned with Rom Manger 512MB/0swap on my 4 GB SD Card.

Im not sure what ext fs it used... 2 or 3....

I had no choice so im not sure... what..... May that be the issue ?

If yes.. how to Change partition with ClockworkMOD Recovery V2.5.0.1 ??

I had the same, you must download this one LeeDrOiD V1.6 (Mirror) and all works fine.


Jul 16, 2010
After a full wipe 1. 6 works and my provider o2 was in the apn too great work. Only one question is it possible to change the battery icon in the statusbar?

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Dec 17, 2008
Would there be any chance of putting a Proxy option in in the Settings app? I'm an IT admin and we have to force everything through our company proxy servers to get internet access :p
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    Presenting LeeDrOiD MOD, Android 2.2 FroYo & Sense....... Expect future updates!

    With thanks to: PaulObrien l UDk l RichardTrip l chainsDD l beidl l l Leonnib4 l josifbg l Fightspit l Selech l CelticLo l aggro666 l ksga l morgu l Billias l Cyanogen l TrinityEon

    What you get :

    • Base: HTC Official FroYo Sense FR91
    • Adobe Flash
    • deodexed
    • zipaligned
    • Optional A2SD+ add-on <<< you need an EXT3 partition on your SD
    • FroYo A2SD with "mod install location"
    • Super Battery % + Circle MOD A & C (Thanks to Fightspit & TrinityEon) (optional add-on, includes a semi transparent notifacation blind)
    • New superuser permissions 2.3.4 (Thanks to chainsDD)
    • Spare parts
    • Updated Voice search & actions V2.0.1
    • Voice & Bluetooth dialling
    • Very fast, Clean & stable
    • Video Capture, 720p & 480p (FPS Work in progress)
    • All Apps in market for all regions
    • Nano command-line text editor support
    • Bash command shell support
    • Busybox
    • Trackpad to wake
    • Desk Clock
    • HTC & Android, Contacts & dialer! (just set your preference on boot)
    • Launcher2 & Sense
    • Wifi N
    • Open VPN
    • Perflock disabled as default to allow UC
    • Interactive CPU Govenor activated on boot and selectable in SetCPU
    • Powersave CPU Govenor activated on boot and selectable in SetCpu
    • Cifs support & Manager
    • EXT4 support
    • Added DSP Manager (thanks to team Cyanogen) << Dont get carried away and burst an ear drum! ;)
    • Working Wi-Fi Hot spot
    • New Gmail V 2.2.1
    • New High res Gallery 3D with pinch to zoom
    • Wallpapers +
    • Google Car Home
    • Ad-Free + hosts
    • Android IME + Voice input! 100% working
    • Custom bootanimation, drop yours in /data/local/
    • Genie Widget
    • Market Enabler
    • Mod install Location
    • Cyanogens Heuge APN List
    • HTC Get more widgets
    • HTC Battery widget
    • New Brut Maps! (enables worldwide navigation)
    • + Lots more!
    • Supported Languages: English, Chinese, Arabic, Czech, German, Espanol, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish. (if your language is missing download MoreLocale from the market)

    Known Issues: NONE!!!

    Change Log:

    • Updated Rom Manger & Titanium
    • Added HTC Battery widget
    • Added DSP Manager (Graphic EQ, thanks to team Cyanogen)
    • Updated SU Permissions to V2.3.4
    • Optimised Framework (.png's)
    • Interactive CPU Govenor activated on boot and selectable in SetCPU
    • Powersave CPU Govenor activated on boot and selectable in SetCpu
    • Added Cifs support & Manager
    • Added EXT4 support
    • Tun.ko updated and activated on boot
    • Speed & Stability tweaks
    • And a few other bits ;)

    • Updated Adobe Flash
    • Fixed Open VPN support!! (Use OpenVpnSettings from the market)
    • Updated Voice search & actions V2.0.1
    • Updated Google Search V1.1.0.48668 (compatable with Voice search 2.0.1)
    • New Superuser Permissions V2.3.2.1
    • New LeeDrOiD Default Wallpaper (Thanks to TrinityEon)
    • Zipaligned (as always)
    • And more...

    If you experience issues, a full wipe is reccomended!


    >New Radio required (Mirror)<

    Orange users may need an unlock code.

    Torrent download links (Please SEED!)

    LeeDrOiD V1.9a A2SD+ with add-on's
    Dont alter "mod install location" with the A2SD+ build

    LeeDrOiD V1.9a with add-on's


    LeeDrOiD V1.9a A2SD+
    Dont alter "mod install location" with the A2SD+ build

    LeeDrOiD V1.9a

    Optional Super Circle Battery add-on with transparent blind Version A
    This mod is in a "flashable Zip", Only flash it after your 1st FULL BOOT

    Optional Super Circle Battery add-on with transparent blind Version C
    This mod is in a "flashable Zip", Only flash it after your 1st FULL BOOT

    Carbon theme with battery C! (thanks to TrinityEon)
    This mod is in a "flashable Zip", Only flash it after your 1st FULL BOOT

    EspressoMod for LeeDrOiD ala BrightSilence
    This mod is in a "flashable Zip", Only flash it after your 1st FULL BOOT

    Please Read Flashing guide & FAQ in the 3rd post


    Donations recieved for all of my hard work, Additional thanks to:
    Frisell l M Wendell l D Lauler l D Mok l Resolving l LuxDesires l Willie_Heckerslyke l Cez10 l Phil Morris l Scouseingib l JimmyTheLips l Ardsar l Skyseb l Zaphyr l dash7869 l Phily757 l K Pedersen l T Magnusson l C Heller l R Gunn l U Viertmann l P Schmidt l s Wagner l Joakim l Stueyboy l T Watkin l Cafeindependant l R Krzewski l Abynk l theis82 l demonsfury.net l T Gardener l K Traynor l A De Sarlo l Ascenca83 l D Olsson l KreunzPR l J Sorensen l G Miko l C Chen l D Krings l chrisnx l MOSMarauder l K Paniok l hans gielis l B Fersing l Y Maraby l R Koster l L Calabro l J Einarsson l A Han l vinnyaju l F Akhtar l J Sorensen l H Wunderlich l R Kouzmenko l P Joakim l A Stoltz l R Watson l G Robinson l F Koeberiein l L Kurstein l M Baciarello l E Beerentemfel l ProtogenLabs l P Brizzolari l M Broeders l staufi83 l Rp.51 l R Bint l A Williams l J Herber l P Gibson l Hj Jonker l T Barbette l N Enayeh l The Ginger God l P Biegel l WoW TGC l G Leggett l M Pak l G Elworthy l D Pendlebury l M Brinkhoff l O Dreier l A Atrill l M Ott l R Pickford l T Butler l K Tjia l G Stylianou l W Tabram l C Martinez l T Bauer l J Holland l G Moorcroft
    Make sure you completely wiped before installing the ROM. I forgot to wipe my SD card and ext, this left residual traces of previous installs and ofc it fubar'd some parts of the 1.7 install. (read missing apps' or inability to uninstall)

    This could be the cause what option in clockworkmod should I choose to clear ext3? I'm sure I did it.
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    i cannot underclock it to save some more battery

    You can lower the maximum CPU speed, which is effectively underclocking it. This will save power.

    I have SetCPU configured with a "screen off" profile, which lowers the maximum CPU speed to 275mhz when the screen is off.
    Anyone else have serious memory leak and battery drain issues with 1.9? 1.8c was very good with memory but 1.9 is unbelievable. After maybe 5 hours the phone slows down to a crawl and I need to kill all tasks as it would say there's only 23(!)mb RAM left. Juiceplotter used to say 36ish hours on 1.8c but on 1.9 it gives me an estimate of 12 hours on a full charge.

    Most of us can re-charge overnight, so 18 hours is perfectly adequate battery life. If I don't touch my Desire and leave it on standby, I COULD go 3 days betrween charges. However, I prefer to USE my desire to it's full potential, and thus expect to have to charge every night.
    +1 Phones are meant to be used.
    I'm currently getting over 24hours with moderate usage. with 1 push and 3 fetch email accounts 12 hours a day
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